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Promotional picture for 1.7.0 by BNMotive, with background made by okazz. It shows Roll playing a guitar.

1.7.0 is a major update focused on expanding the content from the Mega Man games already represented, namely, the eleven Mega Man numbered games. Unlike previous major updates, which were centered on implementing content from one or two Mega Man games, 1.7.0 aims to amplify the content of games already represented in Mega Man Maker. WreckingPrograms stated that the team "[would] not be adding content from Mega Man & Bass or any other game not already represented in Mega Man Maker."[1] The update also modifies some in-game entities. 1.7.0 is also WreckingPrograms' final update as a programmer and the project's leader, noting that he wanted to move onto other projects. He said that his original vision for the game of "creating an intuitive level editor featuring content from all main-line Mega Man titles" is complete as of version 1.6, with version 1.7 serving "as a good way of tying up loose ends". Luigi and Goldstorm were selected as the new project leaders for after the update's release. Since Mega Man Maker was updated to GameMaker Studio 2.3 in 1.7.0, this was the first update to not support the Undertale Mod Creator at launch as the tool was not yet updated to the latest GameMaker Studio version.

On Christmas Day 2020 (December 25, 2020), the update was revealed to be released sometime in January 2021. Nine days later on January 3, 2021, the update was slated to be released on January 10, 2021 and released on that day.

Two contests were held where users could vote for an asset to be added in 1.7.0, the first being an enemy and the second being a weapon. A live stream that showed off the reveal trailer early with the developers answering questions from the community afterwards was organized by Saphy and hosted on WreckingPrograms' YouTube channel on January 9, 2021, a day before the update's release. 1.7.0 is also the first update since 1.0.0 to include a weapon based on an attack from the Super Smash Bros. fighting game franchise, namely the Command Selection.

For a list of assets in the order of being announced before 1.7.0's release, see this.

Enemy Contest

The logo for the enemy contest

The development team held an enemy contest where users could vote for an enemy to be added from the 8-bit styled Mega Man games, namely Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mega Man 5, Mega Man 6, Mega Man 9, and Mega Man 10. The game selection was limited to the 8-bit games to ensure the development team could release the enemy in a "timely manner". The contest was also split up into two phases as "[t]he full list of potential enemies [was] too large to include in one poll". In phase 1, users would select the game the enemy was from and in phase 2, users would select an enemy from phase 1's winning game.[2]

The pie chart breakdown of the enemy contest results

Phase 1 of the contest began on April 17, 2020[2] and ended on April 20, 2020.[3] The most voted game was Mega Man 10—however, the winner was decided after "[d]isregarding any illegitimate votes". Phase 2 of the contest began on April 20, 2020 and ended on April 23, 2020.[3] Returning Machine Gun Joe received the most votes at 16.3%, however, it was already implemented before the contest began. To compensate for this, the development team decided to implement the second place winner, Neo Heli Metall, which received 14.6% of the votes.[4][5][6][7] (The Returing Machine Joe was added as an option despite already being implemented for the sake of secrecy to prevent users from checking the enemies list for the ones missing from the list.)[8] The total votes for phase 1 and 2 individually ended up being over 1000 votes.[4][5]

Weapon Contest

The logo for the weapon contest

On July 25, 2020, WreckingPrograms announced a weapon contest similar to the enemy contest held before. Similarly to the previous one, it was also restricted to the six NES games, Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 in order to implement the weapon in a timely manner. Unlike the enemy contest however, there was only one poll due to the more limited roster of weapons to add. The deadline to vote was July 28, 2020.

Special utilities like Rush Marine, Wire and Balloon Adaptor were included as options.

On July 31, 2020, the Super Arm was announced as the winning weapon, which received 26.2% of the votes. Unlike the previous contest, the developers did not disclose the voting numbers for other candidates. The weapon was ported and modified from a proof of concept Luigi made for the weapon after finishing his assignments for 1.5.0.

Online Server Update

The promotional image for the 1.7.0 server update by Alex, BigMaster, and BNMotive

On August 31, 2020, an update for the Online server was announced. Players received more tags to choose from to search for levels. They can also signal a level, for example if it was stolen, obscene or unbeatable. In addition, players can upload 30 levels instead of previously 20. For the Wily Challenge, players have now the option to set the amount of lives they want to have as well as the level quality.


New Features

Playable Characters




Level Objects



  • Cut Tile (PU)
  • Guts Tile 2
  • Guts Tile 3
  • Guts Tile (PU)
  • Ice Tile 2
  • Ice Tile (PU)
  • Bomb Tile 2
  • Bomb Tile (PU)
  • Fire Tile (PU)
  • Elec Tile (PU)
  • Time Tile 2
  • Time Tile 3
  • Oil Tile 2
  • Challenge Tile
  • Challenge Tile (alt)
  • Builder Tile
  • Builder Tile 2
  • Builder Tile 3
  • Builder Tile 3 (alt)
  • Builder Tile 4
  • Crash Tile 2
  • Metal Tile 2
  • Metal Tile 3
  • Heat Tile 2
  • MM2 Wily 1 Tile 3
  • Snake Tile 2
  • Snake Tile 3
  • Needle Tile 3
  • MM3 Wily 1 Tile 4
  • MM3 Wily 1 Tile 4 (alt)
  • MM3 Wily 4 Tile 2
  • Ring Tile 2
  • Ring Tile 3
  • Ring Tile 4
  • Bright Tile 2
  • Bright Tile 3
  • Dust Tile
  • Dust Tile (alt)
  • Dust Tile 3
  • Toad Tile 2 (alt)
  • Toad Tile 3
  • Toad Tile 3 (alt)
  • Toad Tile 4
  • Toad Tile 4 (alt)
  • Pharaoh Tile 4
  • Cossack 1 Tile 2 (alt)
  • Cossack 1 Tile 3
  • Cossack 1 Tile 3
  • Cossack 2 Tile 2
  • Cossack 2 Tile 3
  • Cossack 4 Tile 3
  • Cossack 4 Tile 4
  • MM4 Wily 1 Tile 2
  • MM4 Wily 1 Tile 3
  • MM4 Wily 2 Tile 2
  • MM4 Wily 4 tile 2
  • Stone Tile (alt)
  • Stone Tile 3
  • Stone Tile 4
  • Gyro Tile (alt)
  • Gyro Tile (alt 2)
  • Gyro Tile (alt 3)
  • Wave Tile 2
  • Charge Tile 2
  • Charge Tile 4
  • Charge Tile 5
  • Charge Tile 6
  • Charge Tile 6 (alt)
  • Dark Man 1 tile 2
  • Dark Man 1 tile 3
  • Dark Man 1 tile 3 (alt)
  • Dark Man 1 tile 4
  • Dark Man 2 tile 2
  • Dark Man 2 tile 3
  • Dark Man 2 tile 5
  • Dark Man 2 tile 6
  • Dark Man 3 tile 3
  • Dark Man 3 tile 4
  • Dark Man 3 tile 5
  • MM5 Wily 2 Tile 2
  • MM5 Wily 3 tile 2
  • MM5 Wily 4 Tile 2
  • Blizzard Tile 3
  • Wind Tile 2 (alt)
  • Wind Tile 3
  • Centaur Tile 3
  • Centaur Tile 3 (alt)
  • Yamato Tile 2
  • Yamato Tile 2 (alt)
  • Yamato Tile 3
  • Yamato Tile 3 (alt)
  • Plant Tile 2
  • Plant Tile 3
  • Mr X 1 Tile 3
  • Mr X 1 Tile 4
  • Mr X 1 Tile 5
  • Mr X 1 Tile 6
  • Mr X 2 Tile 2
  • Mr X 2 Tile 4
  • Mr X 3 Tile 2
  • Mr X 4 Tile (alt)
  • Mr X 4 Tile 2
  • MM6 Wily 1 Tile
  • MM6 Wily 1 Tile 3
  • MM6 Wily 1 Tile 3 (alt)
  • MM6 Wily 1 Tile 4
  • MM6 Wily 1 Tile 4 (alt)
  • MM6 Wily 1 Tile 5
  • MM6 Wily 1 Tile 5 (alt)
  • MM6 Wily 1 Tile 6
  • MM6 Wily 1 Tile 6 (alt)
  • MM6 Wily 2 Tile 2
  • MM6 Wily 2 Tile 2 (alt)
  • MM6 Wily 3 Tile 2
  • MM7 Intro Tile
  • Freeze Tile 2
  • Cloud Tile 2
  • MM7 Wily 2 Tile 2
  • MM7 Wily 3 Tile 2
  • MM7 Wily 3 Tile 3
  • MM7 Wily 3 Tile 4
  • MM8 Intro Tile
  • MM8 Intro Tile 2
  • MM8 Intro Tile 2 (alt)
  • Astro Tile 2 (alt 2)
  • Sword Tile (alt)
  • MM8 Wily 3 Tile
  • MM8 Wily 3 Tile 2
  • MM8 Wily 3 Tile 2 (alt)
  • MM8 Wily 4 Tile
  • Sheep Tile 2
  • Commando Tile 2
  • MM10 Endless Tile 3 (alt 2)
  • Tundra Tile (alt)
  • Tundra Tile 2


  • Cut Ladder (PU)
  • Guts Ladder (PU)
  • Ice Ladder (PU)
  • Bomb Ladder (PU)
  • Fire Ladder (PU)
  • Elec Ladder (PU)
  • Time Ladder (PU)
  • Oil Ladder (PU)
  • Wily 1 Ladder (PU)
  • Wily 2 Ladder (PU)
  • Wily 3 Ladder (PU)
  • Wily 4 Ladder (PU)
  • Intro Ladder (PU)
  • Challenge Ladder (PU)
  • Builder Ladder 1 (PU)
  • Builder Ladder 2 (PU)
  • Builder Ladder 3 (PU)
  • Builder Ladder 4 (PU)


  • Cut BG (PU)
  • Guts BG (PU)
  • Guts BG 2 (PU)
  • Ice BG (PU)
  • Bomb BG (PU)
  • Fire BG (PU)
  • Elec BG (PU)
  • Elec BG 2 (PU)
  • Builder BG (PU)
  • Quick BG 2
  • MM2 Credits BG
  • MM2 Credits BG (alt)
  • MM2 Credits BG (alt 2)
  • MM2 Credits BG (alt 3)
  • MM2 Credits BG (alt 4)
  • Needle BG 5
  • Shadow BG 5
  • Magnet BG 3
  • Hard BG 3
  • MM3 Wily 4 BG 3
  • MM3 Wily 4 BG 4
  • MM3 Credits BG
  • Ring BG 2
  • Pharaoh BG 2
  • Pharaoh BG 3
  • Cossack 1 BG 5
  • Cossack 4 BG 4
  • MM4 Wily 1 BG 3
  • MM4 Wily 1 BG 3 (alt)
  • MM4 Credits BG
  • Gravity BG 6
  • Gravity BG 7
  • Gravity BG 8
  • Crystal BG 5
  • Crystal BG 6
  • Crystal BG 7
  • Star BG 3
  • Charge BG 10
  • Charge BG 11
  • Charge BG 12
  • Charge BG 13
  • Dark Man 3 BG 3
  • MM5 Wily 4 BG 3
  • Blizzard BG 4
  • Tomahawk BG 6
  • Tomahawk BG 6 (alt)
  • Tomahawk BG 7
  • Tomahawk BG 7 (alt)
  • Centaur BG 9
  • Centaur BG 9 (alt)
  • Centaur BG 9 (alt 2)
  • Centaur BG 10
  • Centaur BG 10 (alt)
  • Centaur BG 10 (alt 2)
  • Yamato BG 7
  • Yamato BG 7 (alt)
  • Plant BG 5
  • Mr X 3 BG 3
  • Turbo BG 3
  • MM8 Intro BG
  • Frost BG 2
  • MM8 Wily 2 BG 2
  • MM8 Wily 2 BG 3
  • MM8 Wily 3 BG
  • Galaxy BG 3
  • Galaxy BG 4
  • Tornado BG 3
  • Tornado BG 4
  • Tornado BG 5
  • Fake BG 3
  • Fake BG 4
  • MM9 Wily 4 BG 4
  • MM9 Endless BG 6
  • Enker BG 5
  • Enker BG 5 (alt)



  • Keys and Key Doors have four different colors and the key limit was raised from 7 to 99 for each key color.
  • Multi-Key Doors that are numbered doors, in which the player needs to have a sufficient number of keys to open it.
  • The Eyedropper tool in the Level Builder can now copy the properties of the selected assets.
  • Oil can now be set as ignited in the Level Builder.
  • Players can record GIFs via a built-in GIF recorder by pressing F7.
  • Ice Blocks can be set as cracked from the start in the Level Builder.
  • New colors for Push Block: light green, light blue, orange, grey, pink and purple.
  • Spinning Wheel allows speed selection.
  • Searchies now have a variant that activates On/Off Switches as well as Searchy Spawners for each type.
  • Fire Wall has the option of being stopped at a point determined by the creator.
  • Rain can be set to its Mega Man 4 visual.
  • Electro Guard can be set to face both directions.
  • Petit Snakey can be placed on ceilings.

Fixed Bugs

  • Improved the stability of moving platforms.
  • Decreased the likelihood of clipping into walls in various instances.
  • In the online menus, one may occasionally come across an 'Undefined response from server' error.
  • In the online menus or Wily Challenge, the game may occasionally freeze when trying to communicate with the server. Most of these should no longer happen.
  • When accessing the online menus, or when closing the game, the game may crash with a 'Data structure with index does not exist' error.
  • When moving a screen containing Crash Lifts, then playing the level, the game may crash.
  • Ring and Dive BGs are in the wrong order in the asset list.
  • In the online level menu, once a button on the bottom has been selected with the keyboard or controller, clicking a different button will bring up the wrong menu.
  • Various enemy projectiles can be frozen by Ice Slasher but do not stop moving.
  • Shade Man cannot destroy Noise Crush Weapon Blocks or Barriers.
  • When a Fire Met is placed under or over oil, said oil is set on fire while it's despawned.
  • When moving toward their destinations, Rotating Platforms and Footholders end at a slightly different position than they should.
  • Thunder Wool can crash the game under specific circumstances.
  • Placing conveyor belts on the very left or right of the level causes a crash.
  • If Bass fires a weapon, then switches to Bass Buster immediately after, he does not aim his arm correctly.
  • Brain Break removes Pile Driver's hitbox, causing the weapon to sometimes not hit it or other enemies.
  • When Time Slow is active, Concrete Man jumps less horizontal distance than normal.
  • Magnet Man's magnetizing animation does not slow down during Time Slow.
  • During Time Slow, Magnet Man jumps less horizontal distance than normal and is unable to fire his second Magnet Missile.
  • If Ice Man ascends during Time Slow, he does not shoot his second Ice Slasher.
  • When standing on a jumpthrough solid while overlapping another jumpthrough solid, the player gets stuck in a constant jumping state.
  • Crash Lift rails may sometimes autotile incorrectly.
  • Enemies jumping on stacked jumpthrough solids may fall through the lower platforms.
  • If Bass uses Treble Boost in a slot that contains Power Adaptor for Mega Man, then touches a Yashichi, the Yashichi does not refill his weapon energy.
  • When entering a search term on the online level list, you can still press left or right to scroll through it. If left and/or right are mapped to letter keys, this may trigger while typing.
  • In the tutorial, when you are asked to enter a level name or to save your level, you can still click other icons in the toolbar, some of which leading to a softlock.
  • Danger Wrap does not explode upon hitting a destructible enemy projectile.
  • Hot Dog sometimes shoots too many fire balls when respawning.
  • Yamato Spike (alt) faces left instead of right when placed against a left wall.
  • Spine, Garyoby and Cyber Gabyoall move in the wrong direction when placed on a Sheep Block.
  • Bokazurah's projectiles cover less distance during Time Slow.
  • Hard Man's jump covers less distance during Time Slow.
  • Destructible enemy projectiles can absorb Danger Wrap's explosion.
  • If Gyoraibo touches a solid moving platform while it is shooting its missile, the game will hang.
  • Water Wave cannot douse Oil below it if shot from far away.
  • If you change weapon while holding out Mirror Buster, you keep holding out your buster while sliding.
  • Crunch Don's hammer breaks apart Jewel Satellite when hit.
  • Cyber Gaboyalls are stopped by the player's held Mirror Buster shield.
  • Laser Trident does not properly show up behind certain objects such as plates and Yoku Blocks.
  • Mirror Buster's cooldown after reflecting an attack is faster than in MM10's version.
  • Tornado Blow does not spawn two tornados properly.
  • Due to the above, Tornado Blow has a shorter time when the player has lowered gravity.
  • Enemy projectiles do not play the explosion effect or enemy hit sound when killed by shield weapons such as Leaf Shield, Skull Barrier, Star Crash, and Plant Barrier.
  • Water Shield does not pop when it hits a protected enemy or enemy projectile.
  • Health items can refill your health after you reached 0 hp and died, keeping you alive through certain instant death cases if collected on the same frame.
  • When scrolling a Gockroach S Nest on-screen during Flash Stopper, its solid collision may not appear.
  • Sola 0 can fall through jumpthrough platforms.
  • Fire Wall can kill bosses before they spawn.
  • Fire Wall can kill bosses outside the current section.
  • When jumping off-screen, Anti-Eddie is still affected by springs.
  • Joe Classic's grenades may clip if thrown close to a wall.
  • If a Life is carried by an item-grabbing weapon and the player switches weapons, the Life may render incorrectly.
  • Hotheads may clip when turning around near walls.
  • If the player dies during a boss intro, and the boss is playing the Mega Man 8 boss intro theme, the boss theme will still play when the boss fight starts.
  • In the editor, Weapon Blocks/Barriers set to Proto Jet will appear as Rush Jet.
  • While using Perfect Freeze, if you keep holding the shoot button after a boss is defeated, the sound will keep playing.
  • Wall Teck always starts moving down when loaded in from a disconnected screen.
  • If Concrete Man touches his own Concrete Shot block and a Spring at the same time, he may clip downward.
  • If a Spring bounces Wood Man close to a ceiling, he may clip.
  • Wood Man does not end his jump when landing on a Spring.
  • Crystal Man's health bar color is different from how it is in Mega Man 5.
  • Brain Break rapidly turns around on jumpthrough or moving platforms.
  • Tsuranattori groups up incorrectly.



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