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Goldstorm's personal staff profile icon in Mega Man Maker
Role: Server manager
Database programmer
Discord bot programmer
Also known as Nick Goldstein
Quote Backup server guy, I.T. geek, coffee and cat enthusiast.
Gender: Male
Discord: Goldstorm#0037
In-game account ID: 231248
Website: Twitter

Goldstorm is the secondary server manager, a Discord bot programmer for the Mega Man Maker Offical Server and a global moderator. He was hired as a server manager on July 1, 2018[1] to substitute Dullagamur after the latter had resigned. Goldstorm and Alex programmed the network broker for the main feature of 1.6.0, Build Online.

Goldstorm has assisted Mega Man Maker players when they forget their passwords or have other problems with the game, especially server issues.[2]

For the Discord server, Goldstorm worked alongside AwaggKing and Mors to reprogram the Discord bot to add commands that gave users the pingable gaming roles. It was finished on January 23, 2020. He also programmed a new bot named Pronto Man, which has similar functions to the Mega Bot and another functions, including allowing users access to certain channels after demonstrating activity in the server. The Pronto Man bot is based on Mors' WalrusBot. He added a function to pin posts reacted with various Pinkun emotes. He later ported Pronto Man's commands to the Mega Bot.

After WreckingPrograms' departure after 1.7.0, Goldstorm will take control over the project along with Luigi.


Example Levels

Level Name Added in Version Notes
Developer Challenges 1.6.0 Alongside other developers of 1.6.0; made main hub


Content Added in Version Notes
Network broker 1.6.0 Alongside Alex