Developer Challenges

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Developer Challenges
The main hub in Developer Challenges
Upload date: 2020-02-22
Creator(s): MMM Devteam (level creator username)
Level ID 375804
Playable character(s): Mega Man
Level setting(s): Mega Man 5 Charge Shot
Slide Enabled

Developer Challenges is an example level created by various members of Mega Man Maker update 1.6.0's development team: Goldstorm, AwaggKing, TimeLink, LF222, Elevenstorms, SnoruntPyro, NMario84, Meka, Mors, and Luigi. The level showcases assets introduced in 1.6.0 and was created using the main feature of the update, the Build Online function.

As the level name implies, the level is composed of several short challenges created by the developers. The player begins in a room with eight Teleporters that teleport the player to one of the challenges. Above the starting room is a room accessible by ladder with a Teleporter locked behind five Key Doors. The player is rewarded a Key for completing each individual challenge. The final stretch is a mashup of several short rooms based on all the challenges. There are bonuses locked behind Key Doors if extra Keys are obtained. The level ends with a fight against Blast Man.

Below is the credits for each area in the level[1]:

Area Creator(s)
Main hub Goldstorm and AwaggKing
Key path 1 (dark red Teleporter) TimeLink
Key path 2 (green Teleporter) LF222
Key path 3 (orange Teleporter) AwaggKing
Key path 4 (gray Teleporter) Elevenstorms
Key path 5 (teal Teleporter) SnoruntPyro
Key path 6 (dark blue Teleporter) NMario84 and AwaggKing
Key path 7 (cyan Teleporter) Meka
Key path 8 (yellow Teleporter) Mors
Final path Luigi and AwaggKing
Final boss Luigi

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