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Elevenstorms' personal staff profile icon in Mega Man Maker.
Role: Spriter (formerly)
Programmer (formerly)
Moderator (formerl
Also known as Eleven
Known for Swordgun
Discord: Elevenstorms#2009
Website: Twitter

Elevenstorms is a former moderator and developer of Mega Man Maker. He worked as a spriter and programmer for the game while as a moderator, he primarily oversaw the Discord server.

Elevenstorms was accepted as a trial Discord moderator on November 21, 2018 and was ascended to full moderator on December 23, 2018.

Elevenstorms previously applied as a spriter in a call open in November 2018 and was the runner-up to Sooshy. After Sooshy left the team after 1.5.4, Elevenstorms joined the development team to replace him. He also became a programmer for Mega Man Maker after 1.6.3's release. However, Elevenstorms resigned during 1.7.0.


Icon Enemy Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
Electriri Sprites 1.6.0
Crunch Don Alongside Schmidkalkan, MiniMacro and E-Clare
Icon Weapon Contribution(s) Added in Version Notes
Pile Driver Sprites 1.6.0 Icon
Level Objects
Icon Level Object Contribution(s) Added in Version
BlockMan CB.png
Block Man Conveyor Belt Sprites 1.6.0
Icon Background Contribution(s) Added in Version
Fuse BG Sprites 1.6.0
M11 Wily 2 BG
MM11 Wily 2 BG 2
Icon Tileset Contribution(s) Added in Version
Fuse Tile Sprites 1.6.0
Fuse Tile 2
Example Levels
Level Name Added in Version Notes
Developer Challenges 1.6.0 Alongside other developers of 1.6.0; made key path 4 (gray teleporter)