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Version 1.5.4 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker, released on April 5, 2019. This update added the Rain Flush weapon in addition to the usual bug fixes.


New Features



  • Added new Shell'n sound effects for opening, firing and closing.

Fixed Bugs

  • Defeating Time Man does not restore time flow to normal, which slows down all gimmicks and teleporters.
  • When moving the screen in the builder, Pointan lags behind a bit.
  • When using Flame Sword on a ladder while moving, your movement is not stopped, causing a weird animation.
  • Moving a screen does not move rain graphics.
  • Fixed descriptions for Wily Spike 30, Mega Man 2 Wily 1 Tile 2 Alt and Flame Tile.
  • Block Dropper deflects off deflecting level objects, rather than breaking.
  • Magma Beams don't fire and play their sound effect when slightly on screen.
  • Tornado Man can clip through walls if you are above him when he dives at you.
  • Jewel Satellite reflects off of Reflecting Yoku Blocks regardless of whether they are visible or not.
  • If Concrete Man shoots a Concrete Shot at a Weapon Block or Barrier that has no weapon set, the game crashes.
  • When adding an item from your Recents list to your Favorites, your Favorites list is not saved after testing your level or leaving the editor.
  • If Shade Man is killed while he is holding onto you, you become stuck.
  • When Shade Man grabs you while you are holding a ladder, you can shoot while stunned.
  • You can still restart the stage by pressing Ctrl + R (or L+R+A+Start) after defeating the last boss in a level. If you defeat the boss, touch a checkpoint, then restart, the game softlocks.
  • Sometimes, Magma Beam can ignite TNT or Oil before or after the hitboxes collide.
  • Fire Totem lacks a sound effect.
  • Controls could get locked when colliding with a boss when more than 10 are placed in a section.
  • Bosses are still affected by Flash Stopper if their weakness is set to this weapon, but the weakness is disabled.
  • Jewel Satellite could lose part of the shield when colliding with specific boss and enemy objects which reflect attacks.
  • The boss introduction is affected by Flash Stopper, allowing the boss to get stuck in walls easily.
  • Exiting teleporter of starting stage allows the possibility to scroll screen sections with bosses on them.
  • Ring Boomerang phases through Shine and does not get reflected.
  • Various enemy projectiles will break Jewel Satellite apart instead of being reflected.
  • Boss projectile reflection with Jewel Satellite is inconsistent on what is reflected and what is destroyed.