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Version 1.3.4 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker, released on April 7, 2018.


New Features

  • You can now set the volume for music and sound effects in the options menu.
  • Party Balls and Energy Elements now have dedicated level icons.
  • Added a construction Met to the list of profile icons.


Fixed Bugs

  • Random level is unreliable.
  • Standup Comedy displays the wrong profile icon.
  • Placing a character inbetween vertical sections can cause the game to softlock or crash.
  • Crazy Razy creates a clone of itself when killed by Gravity Hold.
  • Metall Cannon is unaffected by gravity.
  • When the player spawns on a ladder, they fall through.
  • In the editor, Proto Jet uses Proto Coil's icon.
  • Reflecting a destroyable enemy projectile back at another destroyable enemy projectile while having Nothing as your weapon can crash the game.
  • Projectiles from Cannon and Bomb/Rock Thrown can crash the game when spawned directly on top of Ring/Coil platforms.
  • Hyper Bomb explosions can be reflected by weapon blocks and barriers.
  • While Brain Break is frozen by Ice Slasher, it cannot be killed by regular projectiles, but can still drop item pickups.
  • Gyoraibo sometimes uses the panic animation while underwater.
  • Girees still play their animation during Flash Stopper.
  • Ring Man can get stuck at the left or right side of the screen.
  • When riding Oil Slider underwater along a ceiling, using Bass with double jump enabled, then jumping, you can clip.
  • Starting a level online, exiting and beating a level of your own counts as beating the original level.
  • Crystal Joe's projectiles still animate during Flash Stopper.
  • While Blocky is frozen, it has weird interactions with moving platforms, occasionally resulting in a crash.
  • When Crystal Eye hits an enemy while inside a wall, the small Crystal Eyes it creates can get stuck.
  • Bass keeps can continuously dash under Time Bombs, even though there's enough space for him to walk.
  • Touching an Oil Slider blob while sliding under a ceiling causes you to clip.
  • Touching a spring while sliding under a ceiling can cause clipping.
  • Putting springs directly below Time Bombs can cause you to clip inside them.
  • Girees are affected by Magnet Beam.
  • Placing the player directly above water causes a ton of splashes to appear.
  • Proto Buster, Proto Coil, Proto Jet, Bass Buster and Treble Boost have incorrect icons in the boss settings menu.
  • When placing a key door right after a section border on the left, you can transition through it.
  • If you shoot Bass Buster on the ground, then shortly after grab a ladder, you can move horizontally for a short while.
  • If you move a boss, the section the boss used to be in still has a special color on the minimap.
  • Quicksand overlaps the Ready text.
  • Reflecting Skull Man's projectiles on the frame they spawn crashes the game.
  • Bosses are affected by springs before they can act, which allows them to clip into ceilings.