Drill Bomb

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Drill Bomb
Mega D Bomb.png
High damage bomb that can be exploded with the press of a button.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
Damage: 4 (explosion)

2 (drill)

Drill Bomb is The signature weapon of Drill Man obtained in Mega Man 4. It is a drill-shaped missile that flies in a straight line, detonating on contact with terrain or an enemy. The projectile and explosion do separate damage, though this means that if the Drill Bomb is deflected by a shield, the explosion will not occur. There can only be one player-made drill on screen at a time. If the fire button is pressed while a projectile is on screen, the drill will detonate midair. This can prove helpful if the shot is a close miss, or if the player is attempting to bypass a shield.


  • Drill Bomb is one of two weapons in Mega Man Maker from Mega Man 4 that deal a higher base amount of damage to Bosses, with it doing 2 lines of damage when not set as their weakness instead of just 1. The other is Dive Missile.