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Artwork of Bounder from Mega Man 5
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
HP: 3 (Bounder)
Damage: 3 (Projectile) 4 (Contact)
A Bounder in game.

Bounder (or Bouncebot in Mega Man for Game Gear) is a small robot with legs to attach itself to a ceiling, and a large round head made of a bouncy material to allow it to bounce back into the air upon colliding with the ground. They are capable of firing projectiles from their heads. In Mega Man Maker, it is also capable of floating in the air. They originate from Mega Man 5 from Star Man's stage, they later also re-appear in the same game in stages 2 and 3 of Proto Man's Castle.

If the player stays more than 4.5 tiles away from the Bounder on the x-axis, the Bounder will be in its "passive state" and will hang from its ceiling, or float in the air, and will do nothing.

If the player comes within 4.5 tiles or closer to the Bounder on the x-axis or shoots, it will enter an "aggressive state" and will fall from the ceiling it is attached to, or fall from the air, and fire two projectiles that travel in a V-pattern around the player's location.

If there is a floor below and ceiling above the Bounder when it falls, it will bounce off of the floor and fly back up to the ceiling, and then fall again, repeating the action endlessly, while firing more sets of two projectiles in the V-pattern every few seconds.

If there is a floor below the Bounder when it falls, and there is no ceiling, The Bounder will bounce off the floor and fly upwards off screen and despawns.

If there is no floor below the Bounder when it falls, it will fall downwards off screen and despawns.

Once Bounder enters its "aggressive state", it will not return to its "passive state", even if the player moves far from them. The only possibility is by respawning the enemy.


  • Bounder also appears in Star Man's stage in Mega Man for Sega's Game Gear.
  • Bounder is capable of being moved by Conveyor Belts slightly if it lands on one with its head, this will displace its position slightly before it bounces back into the air. It is currently unknown if this behaviour is intentional or not.