Pakatto 24

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Pakatto 24
Artwork of a Pakatto 24 from Mega Man 4
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
HP: 1
Damage: 4 (contact)

2 (projectile)

Pakatto 24 is a medium sized floor-mounted gun turret covered in a retractable armored shell. They are enemies that originate from Mega Man 4 from various stages. Pakatto 24 debuted in version 1.3.0 of Mega Man Maker.

When spawned, the cannon will be hidden within its retractable armored shell, which is immune to most attacks. Every few seconds the shell will open its shell to fire one shot that travels horizontally, before quickly closing its shell again to protect itself from harm. It is most vulnerable to the player's attacks in the small window of time where its cannon is uncovered and exposed.

Pakatto 24 will not turn to face the player, if the player manages to get behind it.

Pakatto 24 can be set to face left or right in Mega Man Maker's Level Builder.



  • Pakatto 24 also appears in Mega Man III / Rockman World 3.
  • Pakatto 24 was was first shown in the Mega Man Maker announcement "Power Stone", where it only appears in the game footage for a brief few seconds before quickly falling down a pit and despawning.