Bomb/Rock Thrown

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Bomb/Rock Thrown
Bomb-Rock Thrown.png
Artwork of all the different versions of Bomb/Rock Thrown from Mega Man 5
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
HP: 3 (Rock/Bomb Thrown) 2 (Rock) 1(Bomb)
Damage: 6 (Bomb/Rock) 6 (Breaking Rock) 0 (Bomb Explosion) 6 (Contact)

Bomb Thrown and Rock Thrown are small, jumping bipedal robots that from Mega Man 5 that launch explosive Bombs or rocks from their heads at the player. Whenever a Bomb Thrown or Rock Thrown jump, they will fire out their projectiles in a high ark at the player character. However, if there is a low ceiling or platform above the player character then it is unlikely the projectile will hit as it will collide with it. The Bomb/Rock Thrown will however still attempt to launch it regardless.

Rock Thrown originally appeared in Stone Man's stage, where they were originally meant for tunnel construction. Bomb Thrown are modified versions of Rock Thrown, and appear in Napalm Man and Charge Man's stages.

Although the Rock Thrown and Bomb Thrown enemies act identically, their projectiles have slightly different properties:

Rock Projectile

A Single Rock Thrown
  • Rock Projectile has two HP, and can be destroyed by attacking it.
  • Upon hitting the ground, the Rock Projectile will break into pieces, still able to deal 6 damage, until the Rock Projectile's breaking animation ends and the projectile despawns.
  • The Rock Projectile itself can be deflected either in the air, or while it is on the ground breaking into pieces, using either Shine or Proto Man's shield.

Bomb Projectile

A Single Bomb Thrown
  • Bomb Projectile has one HP, and can be destroyed by attacking it.
  • If the player collides with the Bomb Projectile they'll take 6 HP damage.
  • Upon hitting the ground, the Bomb Projectile will explode, the explosion will deal no damage to the player at any point in its animation.
  • The Bomb Projectile itself can be deflected in the air using Shine or Proto Man's shield, its explosion when it hits the ground can't be deflected.


Two Bomb Throwns and one Rock Thrown in game.
  • Rock Thrown and Bomb Thrown are the only enemies that are considered one but have different names.
  • Despite Bomb Thrown being upgraded versions if Rock Thrown, the projectiles fired by Bomb Thrown are weaker than those thrown by Rock Thrown, making them more of a downgrade instead.