Bomb/Rock Thrown

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Bomb/Rock Thrown
Game information
Description: Very excitedly lobs bombs at you, or rocks if it's green.
HP: 3 (Rock/Bomb Thrown)
2 (rock)
1 (bomb)
Damage: 6 (contact/bomb/rock/breaking rock)
0 (bomb explosion)
Added in version: 1.3.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
Other appearances: Mega Man IV
Mega Man (Game Gear)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

The Bomb Thrown and Rock Thrown are small, bipedal robot enemies that originate from Mega Man 5. They jump and launch explosive bombs or rocks respectively from their heads at the player.

In Mega Man Maker


When a Bomb Thrown or Rock Thrown jumps, they fire a bomb or rock projectile respectively in a high arc at the player character. If there is a low ceiling or platform above the player character, it is unlikely the projectile will hit the player; however, the enemy will still attempt to launch it regardless.


Although the Rock Thrown and Bomb Thrown enemies act identically, their projectiles have slightly different properties:

Rock Thrown

A single Rock Thrown.

The Rock Thrown originally appeared in Stone Man's stage in Mega Man 5, where they were originally meant for tunnel construction. It also reappears in Stone Man's stage in Mega Man IV and Mega Man for Game Gear.

Upon hitting a solid asset, the rock projectile it throws breaks into pieces that damage the player until the Rock Projectile's breaking animation ends and the projectile despawns. The rock projectile itself can be deflected either in the air or while it is on the ground breaking into pieces using either Shine or Proto Man's shield.

Bomb Thrown

A single Bomb Thrown.

The Bomb Thrown is a modified version of the Rock Thrown that appears in Napalm Man's and Charge Man's stages. It also reappears in Napalm Man's stage in Mega Man IV and Mega Man for Game Gear and the second Wily Battleship stage in Mega Man IV.

Upon hitting a solid asset, a bomb projectile it throws explodes; the explosion deals no damage to the player. The bomb itself can be deflected in the air using Shine or Proto Man's shield; the explosion when a bomb hits the ground cannot be deflected.


  • Rock Thrown and Bomb Thrown are one of the only enemies that are considered one but have different names, another being the Air Stone variants, Air Fire, Air Stone and Air Nut from Mega Man 11.
  • Despite Bomb Thrown being upgraded versions of Rock Thrown, the bomb projectiles fired by Bomb Thrown are weaker than the rock projectiles thrown by Rock Thrown, making them more of a downgrade instead.

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