Dark Man 4

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Dark Man 4
Game information
Description: Has energy shields which follow him as he moves and shoots. Selectable intros.
Category: Bosses
Damage: 5 (contact)

6 (projectile)

6 (shield)

Added in version: 1.8.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
Programmer(s): Luigi

Dark Man 4 is one of the fortress bosses in Mega Man 5, originating from the final stage of Proto Man's Castle. It is featured in Mega Man Maker in version 1.8.0.

In Mega Man 5, Dark Man 4 has the ability to disguise himself as other figures, which he does to disguise as Proto Man and kidnap Dr. Light, setting up the events of the game.



Dark Man 4 has a unique cutscene-esque intro depending on an option in the editor.

  • If the option with Proto Man is selected, he will appear as Proto Man and whistle, before Proto Man's normal whistle plays and his disguise is dropped.
  • If the option with Mega Man and Roll is selected, things will play out largely the same as the first option, except the disguise will be whatever character is currently being used.
  • If the option with Dark Man 4 himself is selected, Dark Man 4 will remain undisguised and taunt the player before fighting.


Dark Man 4 has two attacks.

The first has him stand in place and fire three shots at the player. This attack can be used consecutively.

The second has him fire his shields off to both sides and jump at the player. After landing, the shields will return to his side.

Video Tutorial

Dark Man 4


  • Dark Man 4 is the only of the Dark Men from Mega Man 5 to have an intro. However, this intro isn't present in Mega Man Maker.
    • Dark Man 4's first intro is a simplified version of the original.

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