Ice Man

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Ice Man
Ice Man.png
Rockman Complete Works Artwork of Ice Man from Mega Man 1
Description: Fires off three freezing ice waves in a vertical column after jumping.
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 1
HP: 28
Damage: 5 (contact)
10 (projectile)

DLN-005/DRN-005 Ice Man, (or DRN-005 depending on localization), is one of the main bosses from Mega Man 1 featured in Mega Man Maker since version 1.1.0. Ice Man is armed with his signature weapon, the Ice Slasher, which he uses excessively and exclusively when attacking.


Ice Man will jump a short height when he attacks, going straight up then slowing down as he goes back towards the ground. While falling he will fire three Ice Slashers, one at the height of his jump, one in the middle, and one just as he normally lands back on the ground. After this, he will then repeat this but in reverse, jumping up slowly and firing 3 Ice Slashers starting from when he first jumps, in the middle of his jump, and at the apex before dropping down quickly. He will then move either left or right at random and repeat his pattern.

Ice Man's pattern is slow, and straight forward. Ice Man limited mobility horizontally and vertically makes collision damage less likely, and makes him an easy target for counterattacks. His Ice Slashers also move slowly and are spaced out in such a way that they can be evaded by jumping between them, or, in some situations, sliding.


  • Although rare and inconsistent, there is a chance that if Ice Man is able to somehow jump up to the ceiling he can clip into it causing him to warp around the screen, walk around in part of the wall, or spontaneously vanish or die. It is more common in Boss Rooms that include more than one screen and may be caused or made more likely because of a scrolling or transition bug.
  • If Ice Man jumps on a Flip Platform, he could become unable to move. This glitch was corrected.