Cut Man

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Cut Man
Cut Man.png
Artwork of Cut Man from Rockman Complete Works
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 1
HP: 28
Damage: 4 (contact and projectile)

DLN 003 Cut Man is one of the main bosses of Mega Man 1 that is featured in Mega Man Maker. Cut Man is a deforestation robot master and he uses the Rolling Cutter to cut down trees.


Cut Man starts the battle by running towards the player, he will not jump for any reason, not even to get over walls or obstacles, or to avoid holes and bottomless pits. Cut Man will continue to run towards the player whenever he is not throwing a Rolling Cutter, jumping, or posing, and is far enough away from the player horizontally (about 2.5 tiles or more space between the player and Cut Man).

If the player gets within close enough range of Cut Man horizontally (about less than 2.5 tiles of space between them), and Cut Man still has his Rolling Cutter on his head, Cut Man will do one of two actions:

  • Close Behavior (With Cutter) A: Throws the Rolling Cutter on his head in the player's direction.
  • Close Behavior (With Cutter) B: Does brief pose, then throws the Rolling Cutter on his head in the player's direction.

Once Cut Man has thrown the Rolling Cutter on his head at the player, Cut Man's behaviors will change until the Rolling Cutter he had thrown returns to him and he places it back on his head. Without the Rolling Cutter on Cut Man's head, he has the following behavior if you are in close enough range (about less than 2.5 tiles between the player and Cut Man):

  • Close Behavior (No Cutter): Cut Man does a fixed height and distance jump in the direction of the player.

When Cut Man takes damage, he will immediately cancel his current behavior to enter a recoil state briefly, where he is pushed back a short distance.

Upon Cut Man exiting his recoil state, if his Rolling Cutter is currently on his head, he will respond by throwing the Rolling Cutter on his head in the player's direction, and then go back to running towards the player as usual. If Cut Man takes damage and his Rolling Cutter is not on his head, he will just run towards the player as usual.


  • Cut Man is the only Robot Master in Mega Man Maker currently to take recoil that pushes himself backwards when damaged by the player.
  • As Cut Man's Rolling Cutter projectile spawns slightly behind Cut Man when he throws it, the Rolling Cutter projectile has the possibility to instantly despawn if Cut Man throws it when too close to the left or right edges of the screen, even if Cut Man's entire body still remains on-screen. It is currently unknown if this is intentional or a glitch.
  • Cut Man is the only Robot Master to ever appear in a boss fight in the Mega Man X series, appearing in Mega Man X8.
  • Cut Man takes 3 damage from uncharged buster shots in Mega Man 1 compared to 1 damage in Mega Man Maker.
  • In Mega Man Maker, Cut Man will jump if he touches the sides of any solid Level Objects that are capable of movement, these include Push Block, Lift Platform, Cossack Platform, Falling Platform, Rolling Drill, and Jet Platform. This also applies to the enemy Pooker when it is used as a raft. It is currently unknown if this behaviour is intentional or a glitch.


  • If Cut Man starts the boss battle spawning directly on top of Mega Man 6 Springs, Cut Man's behavior to run in the direction of the player, and attack if the player gets too close, will not activate. This makes Cut Man unable to move horizontally on his own, and unable to react to the player's distance, and leaves him pointlessly bouncing up and down on the Spring. Cut Man however will still counter-attack with a Rolling Cutter when damaged, if it is still on his head. This behaviour oddity will persist until Cut Man lands on something resembling solid ground, where his behaviors will then activate and function normally.