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Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man Maker
Damage: 0

Mega Man with a 0 equipped.

0 Or Weapon 0 as known by some of the Mega Man Maker community, is a series of Weapons that appear as early as Version 1.0.0 of Mega Man Maker, and still exist in even the newest versions of the game.

Weapon 0 will appear if the weapons loadout of a level is set to contain one or more unused weapon IDs, giving them weapons lacking programming and that aren't intended to be used. This can happen as a result of text editing a level and modifying the weapon IDs in the Player's loadout to be one of these unused IDs, or by loading up a compatible level from a newer version of Mega Man Maker with a new weapon in an older version of the game, where that weapon didn't exist yet and thus was instead another unused ID.

As the weapon has no programming, it functions identically to the weapon Nothing. When a Weapon 0 is equipped, it's color palette will copy that of the last normal weapon equipped either in the current level, or the last previously played level if the user starts with Weapon 0 as their default weapon. If the player however loads up Mega Man Maker and has not played any levels previously in that session, and then plays a level with Weapon 0 as their default weapon, they will access a non-existent colour palette, and be shown as mostly white.

The weapon's icon is typically shown as a blank blue, black and cyan square, however the way the weapon icon looks can vary depending on what variant of Weapon 0 is being used as each individual instance of Weapon 0 is attempting to call on different nonexistent sprites. Sometimes the visual design of the weapon icon is even inconsistent between the highlighted and non-highlighted weapon icon sprites in the pause menu.

The weapon and its many variants may exist to be an error handler to ensure Mega Man Maker doesn't crash if incorrect weapon data is read and used.


Mega Man equipped with several variants of 0.
  • Some older uploaded levels, modified through text editing, that featured variants of Weapon 0 may have had it replaced with new weapons introduced in Mega Man Maker versions after the level's creation, this is because the unused Weapon 0 weapon IDs could now be filled with properly programmed weapons.


  • Basically, the entire weapon.
  • On rare occasion, some versions of Weapon 0 can appear in the Player's inventory as extra versions of Nothing in slots outside that of the Player Character's primary weapon rather than looking glitched.