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Mm3 potton.png
Artwork of Potton from Mega Man 3.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 3
HP: 1 (Potton) 1 (Potton Body) 1 (Potton Shell)
Damage: 2 (Potton Contact) 4 (Potton Body Contact) 2 (Potton Shell Contact)

Potton is a flying surveillance robot, which main body is an explosive, and its outer shell is a glass casing with a propeller. The robot is said to be expensive due to their AI's tendancy to make them destroy themselves when attacking foes.

When Potton is spawned, it will travel horizontally in the direction it is set to move until it despawns traveling off-screen, or is destroyed. If it collides with something resembling a wall, it will travel in the opposite direction instead.

When Potton and the player meet at the same point on the x-axis, regardless if the player is above, below, or even with Potton on the y-axis, it will drop its body onto the player, despawning the "Potton Body" if it travels downwards off-screen or collides with something resembling a floor.

The "Potton Shell" will continue to fly in its usual behaviour, ever after the "Potton Body" falls from it.

The "Potton Body" will not despawn if it lands on Springs, instead bouncing up and down endlessly, unless it collides with something resembling a floor or ceiling, or is destroyed.

Potton can be selected to travel horizontally left or right within Mega Man Maker's Level Builder.