Gemini Laser

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Gemini Laser
A laser that bounces off walls. Now with less lag and more laser!
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 3
Damage: 2 (per segment), 6 (total)

The Gemini Laser is the signature weapon of Gemini Man from Mega Man 3. The weapon shoots a blue energy beam of three damaging segments, and it bounces off of terrain up to eight times before scrolling off screen.

Originally, only one laser could be on-screen at a time, but in Mega Man Maker, up to three full lasers (or nine segments) can be fired on-screen at a time. If seven or eight segments remain on screen, the player is allowed to fire a full laser, allowing up to eleven segments to be on-screen.

The Gemini Laser also now hits enemies multiple times (once per each sprite segment of the laser), unlike the source game Mega Man 3 where a Gemini Laser could only hit an enemy once (excluding any sprite segments of the laser that where deflected by enemy shields or armor) regardless how many sprite segments of the laser collided with the enemy.

When an enemy has it bounce off due to not being harmed by a projectile, its segments get bounced.

On its initial firing and first few bounces, the Gemini Laser will just bounce off the Dust Blocks, only gaining the ability to destroy Dust Blocks on its last bounce before leaving the screen.


  • Mega Man Maker's description makes fun of how Gemini Laser caused lag in Mega Man 3.