Danger Wrap

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Danger Wrap
Artwork for the Danger Wrap in Mega Man 7
Game information
Description: Trap small enemies in explosive bubbles and push them. Press down to drop mines.
Damage: 3(bubble and landmine), 6(trapped enemy)
Added in version: 1.4.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Danger Wrap is Burst Man's signature weapon, originating from Mega Man 7. It is featured in Mega Man Maker as of version 1.4.0.

By default, it lets the user send out a bomb encased in a bubble that rises up in an arc five tiles away. If the up key is held before firing, the bubble's arc is reduced to 2 tiles away. Holding down before firing will instead lay down a landmine in front of the user that detonates after three seconds or when contact is made with an enemy or certain destructible objects. These landmines can be carried along Conveyor Belts and other moving objects, and their countdown to detonation will not start unless they stop moving. Only one bubble bomb can be onscreen at once, while up to three landmines can be set, and these limits are independent from each other. All members of the Spine family are susceptible to Danger Wrap.

When certain enemies are defeated by Danger Wrap, they will be trapped within a bubble, which can be pushed sideways into other enemies, causing them both to take damage. The encased enemy will explode after four seconds if it does not hit anything. All enemies except the following can be trapped by Danger Wrap:


Danger Wrap


  • Danger Wrap could entrap Baccone while it was in its invulnerable state in Mega Man 7, but this is no longer possible in Mega Man Maker.

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