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The Telly is an aerial cylindrical-looking spinning security robot enemy that first appeared in Mega Man 2. A Telly usually has low HP and does not cause much of a threat in small numbers. As of version 1.6.3, there are four Telly variants featured in Mega Man Maker: the original Telly, Fire Telly, Big Telly, and Electriri.



Official artwork of a Telly from Mega Man 2
Description: Flies towards you at a steady pace.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 2
HP: 1
Damage: 4 (contact)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms (enemy and spawner)

The Telly is an enemy robot that flies toward the player character in an attempt to damage them. It first appeared in Mega Man 2 in Crash Man's stage, Heat Man's stage, the first and the fourth Wily stages.

The Telly is slow and has low durability, but can be difficult to deal with in large numbers or if out of the player's attack range. Since a Telly follows the player's movements, it can be tricked by moving away from them quickly.

In Mega Man Maker, while a single Telly can appear alone, it can also be created from a Telly Spawner. The Spawner itself is a solid object and can be stood on or can obstruct the path of the player. A Telly Spawner will spawn one Telly at a time every five seconds and will not spawn another until the first Telly is defeated or despawned. The Ice Slasher weapon can freeze a Telly in place and is useful against Telly Spawners.

Fire Telly

Fire Telly
Mm6 firetelly.png
Official artwork of a Fire Telly from Mega Man 6
Description: Flies across the screen, sometimes stopping to spit a fireball.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
HP: 2
Damage: 3 (contact)
2 (fire)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

An upgrade of the basic Telly, the Fire Telly is a variation that flies horizontally, shooting fire from its underside in the same pattern. It appears in Flame Man's stage, as well as the first and third Mr. X stages in Mega Man 6. They are slightly more durable than regular Tellys. These enemies will stick to the direction they are set to move and have no response of contact with terrain.

The Fire Telly shoots a small fire spark that falls vertically until finding terrain or oil. Terrain will make it generate a short flame, while oil will absorb it and become ignited upon contact. If the falling flame is countered with the Proto Shield or the Shine, it will bounce slightly and fall again.

Their direction can be set in the level editor.

Big Telly

Big Telly
MMM BigTelly.png
A Big Telly in Mega Man Maker
Description: Drops a stream of bombs on you, turning around after. Always ate its greens.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 8
HP: 4
Damage: 5 (contact)
3 (bombshell)
Programmer(s): SnoruntPyro (originally coded for the Megamix Engine)
Spriter(s): SE1985 (original shape for the redesigned sprite from Rockman 8 FC)[1]
MiniMacro (traced and redesigned SE1985's sprite, originally sprited for the Megamix Engine)[1]
Zedicon (polished for Mega Man Maker)[1]

Big Telly is a giant Telly that appeared in Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass, although its behavior in Mega Man Maker is taken from the former.

This enemy goes in the air in a direction that approaches to the player, then goes slightly down and throws bombs at fast rate while moving. After throwing the bombs, it will go back to its original height and can repeat the pattern if it does not leave the screen.

Although the big appearance may make the player think that this enemy is durable, it is not; few shots are enough to destroy this enemy.

In Mega Man 8 the Big Telly can spawn Tellies R while rising after throwing the bombs, but that ability was not implemented in Mega Man Maker.


A sole Electriri and an Electriri spawned from an Electriri Spawner in Mega Man Maker
Description: This Telly's electric aura seems to have fried its homing ability.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 11
HP: 1
Damage: 3 (contact)
Programmer(s): Luigi
Spriter(s): Elevenstorms

Electriri, also known as Elec Telly, is an electrical variant of the Telly originated from Mega Man 11, appearing prominently in Fuse Man's stage.

The Electriri has an electricity field around it that can hurt the player character and impact certain entities, but cannot be attacked by most weapons. They go in a set horizontal trajectory without ever going up or down. Said direction can be set in the Level Builder.

The Electriri's force field can magnetize Spring Man or stop the Fire Met Spawner.

Aside from the individual enemy, there are two versions of Telly Spawners: the solid one, which is solid terrain and generates Electriries from itself, and the edge one, which makes it appear at a rapid rate whenever it is at the screen.


  • The movement of Tellies in Mega Man Maker is different from those in Mega Man 2. In Mega Man Maker, Tellies move smoother and always travel in a straight line towards the player as opposed to performing zigzags at times when traveling diagonals.


  • In 1.6.0, Electriri's force field could be reflected by the Proto Shield or Mirror Buster. Some instance of it were corrected in minor updates, but as of 1.6.3, the Shine can reflect them.