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Cut Man Spikes.

Spikes are placeable assets in Mega Man Maker's Level Builder. They appear in all Mega Man games. If the player touches a spike, they will instantly die. Like in Mega Man 2 and subsequent games, spikes do not kill the player if they are in an invulnerable state after taking damage.

Spikes, ladders and water are grouped together in the tilesets category of the Level Builder.

Skull Barrier's shield was modified to allow the player immunity to spikes and travel across them as long as the shield is active.

As of version 1.6.3, there are a total of 161 different types of spikes in Mega Man Maker. There are 4 spikes from Mega Man and Mega Man 2, 18 from Mega Man 3, 13 from Mega Man 4, 20 from Mega Man 5, 26 from Mega Man 6, 14 from Mega Man 7, 9 from Mega Man 8, 21 from Mega Man 9, 23 from Mega Man 10 and 8 from Mega Man 11.

The flavor text for spikes contain references to the Mega Man series and other media. The references are listed here.

List of Spikes
Icon Name In-Game Description Game of Origin Added in Version
SprCatTilesIcons 2.png
Cut Spike A refreshing light green gives new life to an otherwise bland spike. Mega Man 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 7.png
Guts Spike The most fundamental of all spikes: grey and triangular.
SprCatTilesIcons 8.png
Wily Spike 1 A modern take on the Guts Spike, opting for a blue finish.
SprCatTilesIcons 9.png
Wily Spike 2 A more niche form of spike in a dark green color.
SprCatTilesIcons 15.png
Bubble Spike Round and blank - optimized for stealth against a black background. Mega Man 2
Wily Spike 3 Shrunken down a bit from their original counterpart. 1.5.0
Wily Spike 4 These spikes smell like fish. Decently sized fish at that.
Wily Spike 5 A harbinger of death and many tears.
SprCatTilesIcons 56.png
Spark Spike A unique 6-point spike in a stylish pink tinge. A top tier spike. Mega Man 3 1.0.0
Spark Spike (Alt) You would think it looks the same its counterpart does, but no. 1.5.0
Needle Spike Spike beds full of oversized needles. Ouch.
Top Spike The actual Top Spike is here now, it's an eco-friendly spike.
Shadow Spike A crimson-red spike that's surprisingly hard to hide in the shadows.
Shadow Spike 2 Don't ask about the light source of this one, it's complicated.
SprCatTilesIcons 58.png
Magnet Spike A 5-point spike in a hot red, perfect for a fiery dance with death. 1.0.0
Gemini Spike A pretty standard gray spike. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 57.png
Gemini Spike 2 An unpainted 5-point spike, a solid choice in all scenarios. 1.0.0
Gemini Spike 3 A pretty standard pink spike. 1.5.0
Gemini Spike 3 (Alt) A pretty standard orange spike.
Gemini Spike 3 (Alt 2) A pretty standard blue spike.
Wily Spike 6 Mossy spikes that were drowned by Wily because they didn't sell well.
Wily Spike 7 Mossy spikes that Wily liked because they sold well, creating a trend.
SprCatTilesIcons 59.png
Wily Spike 8 Builders looking for a more friendly spike will appreciate this 5-point spike. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 60.png
Wily Spike 9 Much like how orange cannot rhyme, nothing beats an orange 5-point spike.
Wily Spike 10 Before you come and complain, no it's not just the same but sideways. 1.6.0
SprCatTilesIcons 61.png
Wily Spike 11 A unique semi-transparent 5-point spike. Just as visible as other spikes. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 62.png
Ring Spike A modern reimagining of the spike, with 3 miniature spikes based around one piece. Mega Man 4
Dive Spike Blue, deadly sea mines best avoided. 1.5.0
Dive Spike (Alt) Yet more sea mines... I wonder if you can play Minesweeper with these.
SprCatTilesIcons 63.png
Skull Spike A brutalist must-have. A single defined blade that kills. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 64.png
Bright Spike A scissor-esque pair of spikes is a sure-fire way to tell you mean business.
Dust Spike There were spikes in this stage? All my deaths were from getting crushed... 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 65.png
Drill Spike Pierce the heavens with these unique spikes made from repurposed drills. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 66.png
Toad Spike Environmentally friendly, and made with fully recycled materials.
SprCatTilesIcons 67.png
Pharaoh Spike We're not sure what material this is made out of, but it looks nice.
SprCatTilesIcons 68.png
Cossack Spike 1 A traditional spikebed with new life breathed into it thanks to its purple.
SprCatTilesIcons 69.png
Cossack Spike 2 Fans of the Guts Spike may recognize this familiar shape.
SprCatTilesIcons 70.png
Wily Spike 12 A traditional monochrome round spike. Quite appealing.
SprCatTilesIcons 71.png
Wily Spike 13 Modern technology allowed for this spike to have a CPU in the center.
Stone Spike These oversized spikes had to be trimmed significantly to fit here. Mega Man 5 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 72.png
Gravity Spike Flip the competition on their head with this limited edition orange! 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 73.png
Crystal Spike Expensive, but beautiful. Hand carved spikes made out of pure crystal.
Napalm Spike A spike stranded in the scorching heat of the desert, fitting perfectly. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 74.png
Napalm Spike (Alt) A fancy take on the traditional spike that's shaped like a cone. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 75.png
Gyro Spike A Drill Spike alternative for designers on a tight budget.
SprCatTilesIcons 76.png
Star Spike We found these in a firework box called Supernova. Maybe this isn't a firework...
SprCatTilesIcons 77.png
Wave Spike This unique thornbush-shaped spike never caught on with investors.
SprCatTilesIcons 78.png
Charge Spike Industrial grade spike pits, with a 3-year insurance plan.
SprCatTilesIcons 79.png
Dark Spike 1 Dark brown spike beds give an atmosphere of professionalism like no other.
SprCatTilesIcons 80.png
Dark Spike 2 Advertised as the spike of the future, with rapidly growing popularity.
Dark Spike 3 Triple the spikes, triple the pain. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 81.png
Dark Spike 4 A round, brown spike with a unique contrast. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 82.png
Dark Spike 5 This trident style of spike was first used in ancient Atlantis.
Wily Spike 14 Some sharp edges on a blue ball, not exactly innovative. 1.5.0
Wily Spike 15 Changing the color won't make it any more innovative, Wily.
SprCatTilesIcons 83.png
Wily Spike 16 Lots of units were returned, as customers mistook them for party hats. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 84.png
Wily Spike 17 Despair Blue remains the most popular color of spike bed by far.
Wily Spike 18 Rather unique, underwater needles with a threatening aura. 1.5.0
Wily Spike 19 Wily finally found out that spikes in the arena make the victory easier.
SprCatTilesIcons 85.png
Blizzard Spike The first spike type ever designed, but one of the last to be produced. Mega Man 6 1.0.0
Blizzard Spike 2 Cold spikes with a deceptively large hitbox. 1.5.0
Wind Spike Finally, a bit of fresh air here after all these generic spikes.
SprCatTilesIcons 86.png
Wind Spike (Alt) Dark yellow remains one of the most underappreciated colors of spikes. 1.0.0
Flame Spike An interesting construction, looks better when placed in a row. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 87.png
Tomahawk Spike While viable elsewhere, experts agree that these should not be in deserts. 1.0.0
Tomahawk Spike (Alt) Somehow even less viable in deserts. 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 88.png
Centaur Spike A premium brand of spikes, for premium types of people. 1.0.0
Centaur Spike 2 Not be the sharpest pair in the drawer, but they're still deadly. 1.5.0
Centaur Spike 2 (Alt) Now these spikes just scream historical accuracy.
SprCatTilesIcons 89.png
Knight Spike Despite their age, these spike beds remain one of the most universal spike types. 1.0.0
Knight Spike (Alt) Orange you glad to have more spikes. 1.5.0
Knight Spike 2 Upside-down nails in the classic fortress green.
Knight Spike 2 (Alt) Upside-down nails in the color of the rising sun.
SprCatTilesIcons 90.png
Yamato Spike The most successful form of trident spike was still a failure. 1.0.0
Yamato Spike (Alt) With the trident's failure, all were thrown into secluded dojos. 1.5.0
Yamato Spike 2 A green, spiky wheel only found in secluded dojos.
Yamato Spike 2 (Alt) A blue, pointy wheel only found in secluded dojos.
SprCatTilesIcons 91.png
Plant Spike Contrary to popular beliefs, these spikes are not made of plants. 1.0.0
SprCatTilesIcons 92.png
Mr X Spike 1 These spikes are definitely not Wily Spikes in disguise, don't worry.
SprCatTilesIcons 93.png
Mr X Spike 2 One of the most ambitious spike types, attempting to redeem the trident style.
SprCatTilesIcons 94.png
Mr X Spike 3 Orange is well known to be the most dangerous color. Fitting.
SprCatTilesIcons 95.png
Wily Spike 20 An old-fashioned mace spike. Nothing of interest otherwise.
Wily Spike 21 It's... umm... the previous spike but without any red? Deep. 1.5.0
Wily Spike 22 Like Tomahawk Man's spikes, but with a weirder shape.
SprCatTilesIcons 96.png
Wily Spike 23 A depressing blue. Fitting, seeing as it's a trident spike. 1.0.0
Spring Spike They are not bouncy at all. I want my money back! Mega Man 7 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 154.png
Freeze Spike A bed of cold spikes that oddly sport a green color. 1.4.0
Slash Spike Hey Lois! Remember when that dinosaur impaled me in Slash Man's stage? 1.5.0
SprCatTilesIcons 155.png
Shade Spike Pointy spikes that will make you wish you brought a light source. 1.4.0
Burst Spike This spike wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. 1.5.0
Burst Spike (Alt) Vaguely reminiscent of a fer(r)ocious spinning seed creature.
Burst Spike 2 It's... human DNA? Burst Man sure has some questionable design choices.
Burst Spike 2 (Alt) Top Man's spikes but red. That makes them more deadly, right? Right?
Turbo Spike Better watch out before a wheel hits you and you suffer a turbo death.
Wily Spike 24 This spike almost didn't make the cut for being too similar to drill spike.
Wily Spike 25 Is Drill Man in charge of spike design these days?
SprCatTilesIcons 156.png
Wily Spike 26 After 4 long updates, the trident spike is back, unsuccessful as ever. 1.4.0
Wily Spike 27 This... uh... this is a wonderful piece of modern art, yes. 1.5.0
Wily Spike 28 Wily made these spikes just so Burst Man could be a threat.
Frost Spike It seems Frost Man was built with Wily's refind taste. Mega Man 8
Sword Spike Bulky golden spikes, only for the wealthiest of castles.
Search Spike Touch spike, get dizzy. Or rather, dead.
Clown Spike Stop clowning around, this spike means serious business!
Aqua Spike Very sharp stalagmites that can double as stalactites.
Aqua Spike 2 Drill Man's spikes but with added moss. Stealing Drill Man's seems the norm.
Grenade Spike Purple Drill Man spikes! Always nice to see variety.
Duo Spike Duo Spike? With three sharp ends???
Wily Spike 29 A pink Wily Spike. Nothin' new here, keep scrolling.
Concrete Spike A sharp, tiny arrow that sadly can't be used for archery. Mega Man 9
Jewel Spike Must... resist... the temptation... to touch... the shiny...
Hornet Spike Not the spikeeeeeeeees
Plug Spike This spike gets to kill you while advertising at the same time.
Plug Spike 2 A spike stripped down to the very basic, for absolute minimalist design.
Splash Spike A bright cyan spike, carrying nice salty scents of the sea.
Splash Spike (Alt) A dark navy spike, carrying memories of deep sea exploration.
Splash Spike (Alt 2) A dark teal spike, carrying the deadliness of the sea bottom.
Splash Spike 2 A very - huh? You caught me off-guard with this one.
Galaxy Spike A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, people died to spikes.
Tornado Spike Not again! The death bringers of the Flying Battery Zone!
Wily Spike 30 It's red, it's pointy, it's a Wily Spike, alright.
Wily Spike 31 I'm starting to lose track of the numbering, quite honestly. 1.6.0
Wily Spike 32 It's brown, it's deadly, it's a Wily Spike, alright. 1.5.0
Wily Spike 33 It's green, it's sharp, it's a Wily Spike, alright.
Wily Spike 34 Yes, this is different from Wily Spike 30. I think.
Wily Spike 35 Wily decided to unleash the ultimate weapon, a flower of death.
Fake Spike It's a trap! Don't fall for it!
Endless Spike 1 This spike brings you an endless supply of hazardrous platforming.
Endless Spike 2 This spike brings you an endless supply of cheap spike drops.
Endless Spike 3 This spike brings you an endless supply of aesthetic enhancement.
Blade Spike Suprisingly light spikes that are sometimes used as throwing darts. Mega Man 10 1.6.0
Sheep Spike Made with 100 percent natural cotton, but still somehow deadly.
Commando Spike Spikes made from the shrapnel of detonated Commando Bombs.
Pump Spike These spikes do not have water pumping systems installed.
Pump Spike (Alt) These ones do, though.
Nitro Spike Super-cool awesome spikes guaranteed to be nitro rad (TM).
Chill Spike Not to be confused with the weapon of the same name.
Chill Spike (Alt) Well, now you can't confuse it with the weapon anymore.
Chill Spike (Alt 2) I have a feeling Wily dropped his spike supply in buckets of paint.
Chill Spike (Alt 3) Radical! Now available in the tubular light grey color!
Wily Spike 36 A simple monochrome death trap. What more do you need?
Wily Spike 37 Spikes so deadly, they keep their shape even when subjected to stress.
Wily Spike 38 Rust has claimed this spike. They don't make 'em like they used to.
Wily Spike 39 Spikes with a specialized stand to fit their special shape.
Enker Spike These infamous spikes are quite the Mega Man killer. (haha) (laugh)
Enker Spike (Alt) Made from the same material as Enker's iconic sharp lance.
Punk Spike Made from the same material as Punk's infamous spiked armor.
Ballade Spike Made from the same material as... uhh... Ballade. Yeah.
Endless Spike 4 Gorgeous spikes that dot the sky in place of the stars.
Endless Spike 5 Bubble Spike returns with a vengeance for the millionth time.
Challenge Spike Hoho, watch out, these spikes are for Challenge levels only!
Challenge Spike (Alt) Slightly prettier spikes to spam in water levels.
Difficulty Spike Placing these in an easy level really means a difficulty spike... hehehe.
Acid Spike Please do not spike anything with acid. Mega Man 11
Acid Spike 2 One of the few daring spikes to not use a black outline.
Blast Spike This spike's points are laced with nitroglycerin for extra brutality.
Tundra Spike Coming up with a pundra for Tundra is no fundra, so I'm donedra.
Impact Spike You know those small sprinklers you spike into the ground? It's not that.
Wily Spike 40 A lot of sharp pencils to fight the greatest enemy of all, homework.
Wily Spike 41 I'm not sure what this is supposed to be. Use your imagination.
Light Spike D-Doctor Light? What could this mean?


Cossack Stage 3 Spikes in the air.
  • Some of the spikes, like the ones from Mega Man and Mega Man 10 and Dr. Cossack Stage 3 spike have a custom air spike tile if there is no ground around the spike. This idea was taken from Mega Man Powered Up, where spikes not connected to the ground had a shuriken appearance. It did not happen in the main game modes, but it could be seen in the Challenges and the Construction mode.
  • The Top Man spike prior to 1.5 was based on an unused spike tile from Top Man's original stage. It was relocated as a Gemini Spike, presumably because of its visual similarity to the spikes there.
  • If the player character spawns on spikes in any way, they will spawn in their invincibility frames.