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Spikes are placeable assets in Mega Man Maker's Level Builder. They appear in all Mega Man games. If the player touches a spike, they will instantly die. Like in Mega Man 2 and subsequent games, spikes do not kill the player if they are in an invulnerable state after taking damage.

Spikes, ladders and water are grouped together in the tilesets category of the Level Builder.

Skull Barrier's shield was modified to allow the player immunity to spikes and travel across them as long as the shield is active.

The flavor text for spikes contain references to the Mega Man series and other media.

List of spikes

As of version 1.7.5, there are a total of 176 different types of spikes in Mega Man Maker. This includes

  • 4 spikes from the first Mega Man game
  • 15 spikes from Mega Man Powered Up
  • 4 spikes from Mega Man 2
  • 18 spikes from Mega Man 3
  • 13 spikes from Mega Man 4
  • 20 spikes from Mega Man 5
  • 26 spikes from Mega Man 6
  • 14 spikes from Mega Man 7
  • 9 spikes from Mega Man 8
  • 21 spikes from Mega Man 9
  • 23 spikes from Mega Man 10
  • 8 spikes from Mega Man 11


  • Some of the spikes, like the ones from Mega Man and Mega Man 10 and Dr. Cossack Stage 3 spike have a custom air spike tile if there is no ground around the spike. This idea was taken from Mega Man Powered Up, where spikes not connected to the ground had a shuriken appearance. It did not happen in the main game modes, but it could be seen in the Challenges and the Construction mode.
  • The Top Man spike prior to 1.5 was based on an unused spike tile from Top Man's original stage. It was relocated as a Gemini Spike, presumably because of its visual similarity to the spikes there.
  • If the player character spawns on spikes in any way, they will spawn in their invincibility frames.