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NTSC PlayStation cover art

Megaman 8 (Released as "Rockman 8: Metal Heroes" in Japan) is the eighth chronologically canonical Mega Man game in the main series, and was released for both the Sony PlayStation 1 and Sega Saturn. Both received high praise on the graphical and audio quality, however the plot and gameplay were panned at the time of release as somewhat derivative, often being compared to the Mega Man X series from which it did borrow several mechanics.

In Mega Man Maker

The first asset from Mega Man 8 that is in Mega Man Maker is the Party Ball, although this element's function is more remniscent of its appearance in Mega Man Powered Up, acting as an end goal for the level rather than dropping items.

After seemingly being overlooked in the sneak peeks for 1.5.0, the last one confirmed that Mega Man 8 content would be added on Mega Man Maker in that update, where the Flame Sword, Bunby Tank DX and tiles from Sword Man and Astro Man were shown.




Level objects


  • Tengu Tile
  • Frost Tile
  • Frost Tile (Alt)
  • Grenade Tile
  • Clown Tile
  • Astro Tile
  • Astro Tile 2
  • Astro Tile 2 (Alt)
  • Sword Tile
  • Aqua Tile
  • Search Tile
  • MM8 Wily 1 Tile
  • MM8 Wily 2 Tile
  • MM8 Wily 2 Tile (Alt)


  • Frost Spike
  • Sword Spike
  • Search Spike
  • Clown Spike
  • Aqua Spike
  • Aqua Spike 2
  • Grenade Spike
  • Duo Spike
  • Wily Spike 28


  • Astro Ladder
  • Frost Ladder
  • Sword Ladder
  • Sword Ladder (Alt)
  • Grenade Ladder
  • Aqua Ladder
  • Search Ladder
  • Search Ladder 2
  • Clown Ladder
  • Duo Ladder
  • Wily Ladder 18
  • Wily Ladder 19


  • Intro Stage
  • Intro Stage (Water)
  • Tengu Man (SS)
  • Tengu Man (PSX)
  • Frost Man
  • Grenade Man
  • Clown Man
  • Astro Man
  • Sword Man
  • Aqua Man
  • Search Man
  • Wily Stage 1
  • Wily Stage 2
  • Wily Stage 3
  • Wily Stage 4
  • Boss theme (Midboss)
  • Boss theme (Robot Master)
  • Boss theme (Machine)
  • Boss theme (Capsule)


  • If a boss is set to have the main Mega Man 8 boss theme, there is a remix of the music that played when the boss appeared and that stopped when its energy bar was filled to give pass to the actual boss.
  • The "Jump! Jump! Slide! Slide!" gimmick from riding a sleigh is alluded in Wily 1 BG.
  • Shupponpon is alluded in Clown BG, while Hogale is alluded in Wily 2 BG.