Mega Ball

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Mega Ball
Mega Ball being used in-game.
Description: Shoot it, kick it, watch it go! Can be angled. Jump off it for a boost.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 8
Damage: 2 (ball)
4 (kicked)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Spriter(s): NMario84 (poses and initial version of the particle)
Zedicon (particle and icon)

Mega Ball is one of the weapons from Mega Man 8 that was introduced in Mega Man Maker in its 1.5.0 version. This weapon is unique in that it was not obtainable from bosses, but created by Dr. Light.

When the player fires this weapon, the spawned ball goes to the floor. There are many things that the player character can do with the ball: attack directly with the ball, dribble it, use it for a jump boost, or kick it. The ball can be dribbled as a soccer ball by walking or doing fast ground moves with the ball. If a ball is present, the player character will do a kick, but the kick itself will be unable to harm enemies.

If jumped over, the ball will explode and the character will jump higher over it. On mid-air, the character can use the jump boost by pressing Fire and quickly pressing Fire, as long as the position of the player and the ball allow it. This can work to reach higher areas and do something similar to a double jump.

A kicked ball will be fired at a diagonal point from the floor. It will be reflected until it its time is over. The kicked ball deals as twice as the damage of the simple ball. If the ball is let without attacking a target, the ball will explode after some time.

The Mega Ball can bounce if it is over a Spring.

Similarly to its inability to destroy explosives in Mega Man 8, the Mega Ball cannot destroy Dust Blocks.

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