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Version 1.5.3 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker, released on March 30, 2019.



  • You can now select Fake Man as your profile icon.
  • Slightly updated the example level Desert Base.
  • Made the hitbox of Wanaan smaller vertically.

Fixed Bugs

  • Moving a screen through a minimap can crash the game under certain circumstances.
  • Hitting Shade Man with Noise Crush will cause a crash.
  • Metal Man is not insta-killed by Metal Blades reflected by Jewel Satellite.
  • Jewel Satellite loses individual jewels when hit by Astro Man's projectiles.
  • Moving a TNT block with a fuse crashes the game.
  • A copy of the Blizzard Ladder, called Wily Ladder N/A, shows up instead of Wily Ladder 13.
  • Flash Tile 2's description contains a grammatical error.
  • When testing your level in-editor, then returning to the editor, the timer on Discord Rich Presence resets.
  • Lit oil cannot ignite TNT.
  • Certain objects go behind Drop and Pit Shadows, when they shouldn't.
  • Rolling Cutter can only hit bosses once per throw.
  • When an Astro Gate is overlapping a Force Beam spawner off-screen, but within the same section, the game crashes when the player dies.
  • Made Force Beams less likely to freeze the game in general.
  • Cut Man's Rolling Cutter cannot be reflected.
  • If Magma Bazooka or Atomic Fire is set as a boss weakness, and you then disable this weakness, they still deal extra damage.
  • Kakinba Tank can crash the game if Mega Man dies.