Shade Man

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Shade Man
Artwork of Shade Man from Mega Man 7
Game information
Description: Spooky vampire that swoops to grab you and drains health. Can fire sound waves.
Category: Boss
HP: 28
Damage: 4 (Contact)

2-6 (Drain) 0 (Stone Rays) 2 (Noise Crush, normal) 4 (Noise Crush, charged)

Added in version: 1.4.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Spriter(s): Schmidkalkan

DWN-055 Shade Man is a haunted house robot turned monstrous combatant, and one of the 8 Robot Masters from Mega Man 7 featured in Mega Man Maker as of its version 1.4.0 update. Shade Man utilizes his signature weapon, the Noise Crush in both uncharged and charged forms in combination with other vampiric attacks to drain his enemies dry.


After Shade Man enters the room and finishes taking his bow, he will take flight and fly back and forth at the top of the screen or however high he is able to get in the room. After moving around for a bit he will suddenly dive at the Player Character trying to grab them. If he misses, he will swoop back up. If he collides with the player however, he will either graze and damage them or he will grab them and proceed to drain their HP and transfer it into his while ascending up slowly before dropping the player. Occasionally he will fly to one side of the room and slowly descend and land on the ground. He will then fire out two petrifying waves that will temporarily turn the Player Character to stone if they make contact. He will then fire 2 green Noise Crush attacks: one high and one low. If either manages to reach the opposite end of the room and bounce back to him he will then fire out an even bigger fully charged Noise Crush at the same height as the original shot. These however will not return to him. If one of the small Noise Crush projectiles returned to him but the other did not, he will do the pose to shoot both, although he cannot shoot the other big Noise Crush. Once both of his Noise Crush have been either fired back or blocked he will then once again ascend into the air and resume his flying. If the Noise Crush minor sounds are not bounced back at all, Shade Man will remain still for a time before returning to his tactic of flying and attempting to dive at the Player Character.

Shade Man's second big Noise Crush was modified from the original so that it does not require the player to Slide under it.

Being as high up as he is, he cannot be harmed by frontal shots at that height. However, he is still vulnerable to weapons that can attack upwards as he will not retaliate, but he still tries to dive at the player character. Although his petrifying glare cannot be blocked, his Noise Crush can be via the use of Proto Man's shield or the Shine weapon. Deflecting a Noise Crush that was bounced off the back wall will prevent if from returning to Shade Man, and deflecting one back at Shade Man will (oddly) be able to damage him rather than being absorbed back into him. If the player fires their own Noise Crush at Shade Man when he is grounded, he will skip using his petrifying glare and instead fire a charged Noise Crush at the player before flying up and resuming his behavior.


  • In some instances, Shade man will glitch and skip his bowing intro if not placed at the very top of a room. If this happens, he will then malfunction and get stuck in a corner like he does when involved with the Double Boss Glitch. It is currently unknown what causes it in these instances, with it occurring inconstantly.
  • If a platform or other moving level object gets under and touches Shade Man while he's flying, he will stick to it as though he is standing on it. As such he will go up or down with it and change where his set flying height is. This can cause him to even be flying while on the ground requiring the Player Character to have to jump over him and evade abrupt super fast dashes as he attempts to dive bomb while already on the ground and not rising back up.
  • If Shade Man lands on a Push Block or other similar level object that prevents him from reaching the location he's meant to be when he descends from the ceiling,Shade Man will complete his intro animation but then soft-lock the game rather than start the fight. The Boss music will begin like normal but Shade Man will be frozen on the last frame of his animation, his health bar will not appear, and the Player will be unable to move. This is commonly referred to as the T-Posing Shade Man glitch as the sprite Shade Man remains in closely resembles the pose and does not cease.


  • Shade Man was the first Mega Man 7 Boss revealed to be in Mega Man Maker. This was via the 1.4.0 teaser released for Mega Man Maker's first anniversary which also revealed that other content from Mega Man 7 in the 8-bit style would be coming to the update.
  • Shade Man has the ability to absorb shots from his Noise Crush attack back into his body to charge them up and fire them back out stronger. In Mega Man 7, if Mega Man attempted to shoot his own Noise Crush at Shade Man during his boss rematch, he will absorb it as though it was one of his and throw it back fully charged at Mega Man. This detail was not carried over into Mega Man Maker with both those fired at Shade Man by the player character and by himself that are deflected by the Proto Shield or Shine weapon able to damage him.
    • This was fixed later, being impossible to damage him with the weapon unless he is currently swooping or it is set to his primary weakness. Reflecting his Noise Crush however, still does damage regardless.
  • Being a Mega Man 7 boss, Shade Man doesn't have an 8-bit sprites aside form his Mega Man: Battle and Fighters sprite. As such, his sprites are custom-made for Mega Man Maker by Schmidkalkan.
  • Shade Man is a character commonly associated with video game crossovers, with his stage from Mega Man 7 making references to Capcom's Ghosts N' Goblins series (most notably his stage's alternate theme being the main theme of Ghosts N' Goblins), Shade Man making an appearance in the Mega Man and Sonic The Hedgehog crossover comics Worlds Collide, and his Mega Man Battle Network counterpart ShadeMan.EXE having various crossovers with Konami's Boktai series.
  • The grass tileset of his stage was incorrectly listed as one of Slash Man's tilesets until 1.5 renamed said tileset.
  • There is a very low chance that when Roll is turned to stone by Shade Man, she will dab.
    • According to beta tester BigMaster, spriter E-Clare wanted to allude to the Roll dab emote in the Discord server added before Roll was introduced as a playable character in version 1.7.0. As such, there are minor changes to Roll's pose and design to reflect her updated look.