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Push Block
Push Block.png
Power Mega Man and a Push Block in Mega Man Maker.
Description: Indestructible block that can be pushed by the Power Adaptor or Punch Blocks.
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
Programmer(s): Luigi (initial version)

Push Blocks are large metal 2x2 sized level objects originally from Mega Man 6, appearing primarily in the Mr. X Stages. Push Blocks are metal blocks with a large X on them. Being affected by gravity, they can interact with, and be moved through various methods such as with Conveyor Belts, Rolling Drills, or various types of moving platforms such as Jet Platforms, Crash Lifts or Footholders. They will also move a short distance if hit by a charged punch from Mega Man using the Power Adaptor or if hit by a Punch Block. Bounce Man can push this kind of block when using his elastic punch.

If a Push Block slams against a solid surface such as a wall, the ceiling, or the floor and an enemy is in between it and the surface, it might be instantly crushed to death and destroyed when they collide, depending on the enemy type. The player, and various Bosses can also be crushed to death in this way.

Push Blocks, unlike Cracked Blocks will despawn if they travel off screen and will respawn in their original location once the screen is unloaded and loaded again.

If they are over an Astro Button, they are heavy enough to keep the button pressed and trigger a change in the Astro Gate that can be affected by the button. Push Blocks can also press the buttons of the Moving Elevator if they are placed over them.

When it is over a Bari III's head, it will make the Bari III go lower while bearing the Push Block's weight.

Since version 1.7.0, Push Blocks can now be set to different color schemes. The known color options include a vibrant light green and grey.

Enemies With Immunities to Push Block Crushing

Enemies with immunities to being destroyed when crushed by Push Blocks are listed here. If an enemy is immune only when certain special conditions are met, it will be noted.

Enemy Special Conditions
Octopus Battery
Screw Bomber
Crazy Razy Only if the head is detached from the body
Killer Bullet
Tackle Fire
Flying Shell
Blocky Despite showing its death animation, it will remain alive, and will usually clip one tile downwards
Pierobot The gear, if the clown robot has not yet landed on it
Shrink When it is underwater
Potton Both head and container combined, or empty container
Gyoraibo When it is underwater
Mag Fly
Shield Attacker
Minoan Only before falling from its starting point
Wall Blaster
Docron Spawner
Shield Attacker
Giree When set to "Left" or "Right" in Level Builder, they will clip through Push Blocks when crushed
Giree Spawner
Bounder Only before falling from its starting point
Shield Attacker
Fire Telly
SRU-21/P Only before falling from its starting point, and when it lands on the water's surface
Gabgyo When it is underwater
Pooker When in its raft form
Gockroach S Nest
Kaminari Kogoro
Bunby Tank DX Only if the head is detached from the body
Surumaker When it is underwater
Hannya Attacker
Big Telly
Petit Devil
Okosutobon When it is angry it will clip through tiles when being crushed
Air Stone All three variants are immune to it


  • Although originating from Mega Man 6, Push Blocks and Cracked Blocks are located in the General section of the level objects menu.
  • When first teased for 1.4.0 alongside the Curlinger and Power Adaptor, Push Blocks and Cracked Blocks were originally referred to as "Power Adaptor Blocks". However, when the update arrived they had their respective names. It's not clear if this was just a general term used to refer to them both prior to release or if they received the name change at some point in development.


  • If a Push Block is placed above Shade Man in the level editor, when played Shade Man will land on top of it like every other Boss. However, unlike all other bosses his health Bar will never appear and he will remain standing still after performing his bowing animation. The Player will also be unable to move, thus completely softlocking the game.
  • If several Push Blocks are stacked on top of each other there is a slim chance they will begin to vibrate and be off-center. They were partially fixed in an update, however it can still sometimes occur.
  • If the Player Character uses the weapon Time Slow, Punch Blocks facing upwards will punch Push Blocks twice as high while time is slowed. This may be due to the Punch Block's arm staying extended twice as long and the Push Block moving half as fast, resulting in the two objects colliding twice thus triggering a 2nd boost in speed.
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