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Push Block
All Push Block colors as of Mega Man Maker version
Game information
Description: Indestructible block that can be pushed by the Power Adaptor or Punch Blocks.
Category: Level objects
Added in version: 1.4.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Push Blocks are Level Objects that first appeared in Mega Man 6. It is featured in Mega Man Maker as of its 1.4.0 update, with its color variations being added in 1.7.0. Push Blocks are 2x2 solid objects in the Editor and can be moved in various ways ingame. Push Blocks can be punched, ride Conveyor Belts, and be lifted on mobile platforms of all sorts. The Player can also move Push Blocks via the Power Adaptor by using charged punches.


In Mega Man Maker version 1.8.0 custom variants of the Push Block were added. A Lighter Push Block, a Heavier Push Block, and a Mobile Push Block and these can all be found in the Mega Man Maker tab within the Level Builder.

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