Jet Adaptor

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Jet Adaptor
Jet Adaptor.png
Rockman Complete Works artwork of Mega Man transformed into Jet Mega Man via the Jet Adaptor.
Description: Jetpack that quickly refills itself once you land on the ground.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
Damage: 1 (buster)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Spriter(s): Aze (additional sprites)

The Jet Adaptor is a special utility weapon from Mega Man 6 that is featured in Mega Man Maker since its 1.4.0 version.

The weapon allows Mega Man to merge with Rush and become "Jet Mega Man". While the Jet Adaptor is equipped, the user can fly up to a certain height for a short period of time using their reserve of weapon energy which is slightly smaller than usual. Once the user lands however, the energy will rapidly refill. Additionally, if the Jet Adaptor is set as the user's default weapon they will have unlimited energy and will be able to fly indefinitely and without a height limit. Unlike Bass's Treble Boost, the Jet Adaptor will not allow the user to move freely while in the air, instead acting as booster that will gain momentum the longer it is on, meaning that if the user uses it while falling they will slow their descent and if they activate it after a jump they will ascend rapidly. Also while the weapon is equipped, the user can fire Mega Buster shots, although they can't be charged. The user also loses the ability to slide until the player changes to another weapon, however if the user is already sliding under something and switches to the Jet Adaptor they will still be sliding with it equipped.

Originally, when the Jet Adaptor was selected from the pause menu in Mega Man 6 it would show Rush appearing and then transforming before then flying to, and merging with Mega Man. The animation was not carried over into Mega Man Maker, which makes Mega Man instantly fused with Rush when moving to that weapon.

If The player character is set to Proto Man rather than Mega Man then the Jet Adaptor will become the Proto Coil. If the player character is set to Bass rather then Mega Man then the Jet Adaptor will become the Treble Boost.


  • The Jet Adaptor is one of two fusion adaptors from Mega Man 6 and one of three used by Mega Man in the main series. The other from the same game is the Power Adaptor, and the third is the Super Adaptor from Mega Man 7 which is mostly a fusion of the two previous. The fourth fusion adaptor, called Treble Boost is used exclusively by Bass and was introduced in Mega Man 8. All four fusion adaptors are featured in Mega Man Maker.
  • If Mega Man completes a level while the Jet Adaptor is equipped, they will perform slightly modified versions of Mega Man's normal victory animations.
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