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A Fan in Wind Man's stage
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 6

The Fan is a type of Level Object originating from Wind Man's stage in Mega Man 6. When placed in-game, Fans will push the player in the direction they're facing. In the editor, the direction can be changed to up or down. Fans do not affect enemies or bosses and can only push the player. Fans can only push Mega Man if he is 9 tiles or less away.

If the player character comes to them during the ascension of their jumping, it will be pushed. If the player character is falling, its fall will fade until they are pushed to the air.

Their limit is a solid platform, therefore putting a Push Block over those can render them unable until the player exits the area. Yoku Blocks can similarly limit the wind under them when they are active.


  • If placed too close to the player, downward Fans won't enable them to jump.
  • Fans facing downwards have priority over upward Fans.
    • Standing between two Fans and being the same distance away from each will make the player jump a lower height because of the downward Fan, completely ignoring the one facing upwards.
  • In version 1.4.1, the fans' range was changed, making various older levels impossible.