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An Illusian in Mega Man Maker
Description: Projector which creates fake blocks, he needs to be cut from the set. (Illusian)

Always tangible and visible. Can be used with Illusians to create confusion. (Illusian Block)

Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 9
HP: 1
Damage: 2 (contact)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms (Illusian and Illusian Block)

Illusian is a film projector robot enemy from Mega Man 9 that creates fake Illusian blocks. While it is an enemy, it is not listed as one. Instead, its trigger to create a false platform can be found among the level objects of Mega Man 9.

When appearing, they come from a determined direction and start creating false Illusian blocks when programmed to do so. The same Illusian will create a set of Illusian blocks from the same height and from the same setting of direction. However, if the Illusian is destroyed before achieving to create the false block, that false block and the next ones will not be created until the player character returns to the screen where the Illusian is set to create the block.

Illusian Block

Illusian Blocks in Mega Man Maker

Illusian Blocks are 1x1 blocks that also appear in Mega Man 9.

Unlike the ones created by an Illusian, they are considered to be real Illusian blocks. They have the collision properties of terrain. When a player character goes to a disconnected screen and there are real and fake Illusian Blocks nearby, the real ones will remain visible while the fake ones will not.

The design of the Illusian Block in Mega Man Maker is taken from a corner tile from the ice tiles of the Endless Attack mode of Mega Man 9. In the Wily Stage 2, the Illusians just generate normal tiles.

The Illusian Block in Mega Man Maker comes with 11 color options.

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