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Bokazurah Block
Game information
Description: Pretty blocks that can only be destroyed by the shots of a Bokazurah.
Category: Level Objects
HP: 1
Weakness(es): Bokazurah
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 9
Programmer(s): ?

Bokazurah Blocks are an Object added to Mega Man Maker as of version 1.5.0. Bokazurah Blocks are 1x1 blocks in the editor that are counterpart to the Bokazurah Object, both of which are from Mega Man 9 Hornet Man's stage.

Whenever the player shoots a Bokazurah enemy they will fire projectiles, if a Bokazurah enemy projectile hits a Bokazurah Block it will destroy the Block. In Mega Man 9 this was the only way to destroy a Bokazurah Block.

As of Mega Man Maker 1.8.0 Bokazurah Blocks can now be destroyed by the player using the Break Dash Weapon. The Doncatch enemy from Mega Man V can also destroy Bokazurah Blocks with it's mallet attack.

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