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Nombrella Gang.PNG
Very slowly descends, minding its own business. Interacts with rain.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 9
HP: 2
Damage: 4 (contact)

Nombrellan is an umbrella-like robot that originally appeared in Mega Man 9 on primarily Tornado Man's stage, and is featured in Mega Man Maker from versions 1.5.0 and onward.

When a Nombrellan appears it will descend slowly from it's current position downwards, slowly spinning but otherwise not moving. They lack any collision when it comes to any terrain or level objects and as a result will not stop when they touch either, instead passing through them and continuing to fall until they have fallen all the way off screen or been destroyed by the Player Character.

If a Nombrellan located in an area where a weather factor that affects aerial interactions is in effect, such as Rain, Nombrellans will now move in a diagonal downward direction corresponding to the direction of the weather effect. Depending on the intensity setting of the weather effect, the horizontal movement of the Nombrellan will also increase, which can be used to make rain sections in stages harder to overcome.

Its hitbox is big enough to be vulnerable to frontal buster shots, which is worsened by its low hitpoints. However, they can be problematic if they collide with the player from above or midair.

Nombrellans can appear as the result of a separate entity know as a Nombrellan spawner, in which Nombrellans will appear off-screen in the air and fall indefinitely from the top of the screen until the spawner is no longer on screen with the player. The Nombrellan Spawner appears as a Nombrellan with a repeating arrow over it while in the Level Builder but will appear invisible while in-game. Nombrellans spawned via a spawner are identical to those placed manually in function and appearance.


  • The name "Nombrellan" is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the word umbrella, "anbureran".