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Artwork of a Watcher from Mega Man 1
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 1
HP: 1
Damage: 4 (contact) 3 (Electricity)

The Watcher is a green spherical enemy with two extendable eyes primarily from Elec Man's stage from Mega Man 1 and Mega Man Powered Up that is featured in Mega Man Maker. The Watcher will slowly ascend from the ground or descend from the ceiling. Once at the same vertical level as the Player Character, they will expand their extendable eyes from their top and bottom and then fire out a set of lightning bolts out of each eye. Once they do this they will immediately close back up and quickly reverse back off screen. Once they travel off back screen they will not respawn unless their spawn point is unloaded and loaded on screen again.

The lightning bolts shot by Watchers are spaced out to best collide with the player while they try to climb or descend ladders. As a result, if the Player Character stays still on the ground or on a ladder they cannot be hit by the lightning bolts.

Because Watcher projectiles are pure electricity, they will trigger Spring Man's Magnetized state if they come in contact with him. Due to their nature, they can only be put at the top or at the bottom of a screen in the Level Builder.