Picket Man

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Picket Man
Official artwork of a Picket Man from Mega Man 1
Game information
Description: Stands behind a shield, lowering the shield to throw pickets at you.
HP: 10
Damage: 3 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Weakness(es): Block Dropper
Added in version: 1.0.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 1
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Picket Man (also known as Pickelman in Japan, and Pickman in Mega Man 11) is an enemy in Mega Man Maker that originated from Guts Man's stage in Mega Man 1. It appears to be a heavily modified Metall robot with a humanoid body, equipped with a pickaxe and a shield. They are usually used for construction and/or mining tasks. Picket Man debuted in Mega Man Maker in version 1.0.0.


When spawned, Picket Man will briefly hide behind its shield to protect himself from most attacks. Eventually it will lower its shield and begin to throw Pickaxe projectiles in the player's direction, making itself vulnerable to damage during this period, before hiding behind its shield again and beginning the pattern over.

Pickaxes will be thrown either in a set of 5 or a set of 10. They travel in an arc in the direction of the player, with a maximum arc hieght of 4.5 tiles vertically above Picket Man itself. Thrown pickaxes can be deflected by Shine or Proto Man's shield.

Picket Man will automatically face the player, and will turn around if the player manages to get behind them.

Picket Man can be destroyed in one hit with Block Dropper, since this weapon was also the weakness of Picket Man in Mega Man 11.

Video Tutorial

Picket Man


  • Picket Man, in his base form without additional equipment, also appears in Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man 11.
  • Picket Man in Mega Man 11 no longer carries a shield, unlike its counterparts in older games. This shieldless variant of Picket Man currently does not exist in Mega Man Maker.
  • Originally, in Mega Man 1, the enemy would jump in from off-screen when spawned; this behaviour does not occur in Mega Man Maker.
  • Originally, in Mega Man 1, the enemy would normally throw his pickaxes slightly lower than it does in Mega Man Maker; this change was made to make his projectiles easier to dodge.
  • Originally, in Mega Man 1, the enemy could be taken out in a single hit from Fire Storm, however this is not replicated in Mega Man Maker.

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