Bunby Catcher

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Bunby Catcher
Artwork of a Bunby Catcher from Mega Man 9
Game information
Description: Claw go brrrrr. Drops down and drags you at high speeds against your will.
Category: Enemies
Added in version: 1.7.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 9
Programmer(s): Meka

The Bunby Catcher is an enemy from Mega Man 9 that appears in Galaxy Man's and the third Wily stages. It was introduced in Mega Man Maker in version 1.7.0.

When placed, it will drop down from above the screen if the player is 1 tile or less next to its spawn point horizontally and will drag the player at high speeds if it catches them with its claw. The player cannot walk, slide, dash, or roll while they are being dragged, but can still jump, fire weapons, and grab ladders. A Bunby Catcher will let go of the player if they die, or if it has dragged them for a while for a Bunby Catcher not set to drag the player infinitely. The player can also fire weapons to defeat a Bunby Catcher while it is dragging them. Screen nuke weapons such as Gravity Hold can also defeat a Bunby Catcher before it has spawned.

Only one Bunby Catcher can drag the player at a time. A Bunby Catcher that grabs hold of a player that is already being dragged by a Bunby Catcher will overtake the current one and reset the speed of dragging. Additionally, a Bunby Catcher that has finished dragging the player or is defeated by a weapon will respawn when its spawn point is reset by traveling off-screen and back on-screen of the Bunby Catcher. However, one that has already dropped down without grabbing the player will not respawn unless the player transitions to another screen.

It can be set to either drag the player left or right in the Level Builder. It can also be set to either be light-orange or pink.

A Bunby Catcher will drag the player for approximately 3 seconds before letting go. In version 1.7.2, three additional length options for how long a Bunby Catcher can drag the player were added: two longer distance options (7 and 9 seconds) and an option that allows a Bunby Catcher to drag the player infinitely. If the player is stopped by a solid object and does not move horizontally after 8 seconds if the latter option is selected, the Bunby Catcher will let go. A Bunby Catcher also now alerts the player with a quick flash and a chime sound effect a second before letting go.


  • The first sentence of Bunby Catcher's description is a reference to the "Money Printer Go Brrr" meme often used to mock lengthy criticisms, in this case, possibly to the troll nature of the Bunby Catcher.
  • The end cue added in version 1.7.2 for when a Bunby Catcher is about to release the player is unique to Mega Man Maker and does not appear in Mega Man 9.


  • If the player is caught by a Bunby Catcher while using Treble Boost or Flappy Beat, the Bunby Catcher will glitch out. If using Treble Boost, the Bunby Catcher will slow down to the flight speed of Treble Boost and will allow the payer to move up and down. If the player is using Flappy Beat, the Bunby Catcher will not affect the player anymore.
  • If a player is on a ladder and a bunby catcher drags them to the next transition the player will keep their momentum without the bunby. This allows the player to be able to bounce on bounce balls and make a ladder obstacle course. As seen in Back On Track by ToxinG.