Strike Man

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Strike Man
Artwork of Strike Man from Mega Man 10
Game information
Description: Throws rebounding baseballs and curls into a ball to bounce around. YOU'RE OUT!
Category: Boss
HP: 28
Damage: 4 (Contact)

2 (Rebound Striker)

Added in version: 1.7.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 10
Programmer(s): Meka

DWN-078 Strike Man is one of the robot masters from Mega Man 10 introduced to Mega Man Maker in version 1.7.0. He uses his signature weapon, the Rebound Striker, to bounce it off the walls and attack enemies.

Strike Man was a stadium battling-practice robot, but during events of Mega Man 10, him and many other robots were infected by Roboenza which made him start wrecking havoc. He is ultimately stopped by Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass and later cured.


Strike Man starts by throwing the Rebound Striker frontally. After a while, he bounces twice into the floor as an attempt to deal contact damage to the player. He can also throw the Rebound Striker into the ground diagonally. The projectile itself aims at the position the player was at when it bounced off the ceiling. It does not home in when it bounces off other surfaces. When he curls into a ball and bounces twice, the height of either of his bounces can be either high but horizontally short or low but horizontally long.

This AI resembles his Hard Mode AI from Mega Man 10, however without the special extra attack he has in Hard Mode in that game.

Video Tutorial

Strike Man


  • Strike Man is one of the two robots in Mega Man Maker that attacks by turning themselves into a ball and bouncing. Other robot doing it is Bounce Man.



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