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Artwork of Pluto from Mega Man V
Game information
Description: Shoots, dashes, and clings to walls. Much like a cat. What do you mean they can't?
Category: Boss
HP: 28
Damage: 3 (contact)

2 (projectile)

Added in version: 1.8.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man V
Programmer(s): ?
Spriter(s): ?

SRN-008 Pluto is one of the 9 Stardroids from Mega Man V, and as of now the only one featured in Mega Man Maker. He is featured as of version 1.8.0. His special weapon is Break Dash.


Pluto begins the fight by firing two projectiles forward, one at ground level and one a tile above. Afterwards, he will dash across the room, before leaping to the opposite wall and clinging to it. He is invincible while dashing. While clinging, he will fire homing projectiles at the player, before falling to the ground and repeating his pattern.



  • Dr. Wily based the design of Slash Man on Pluto



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