Wily Machine 4

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Wily Machine 4
Game information
Description: Fires multiple energy shots, has two phases.
Category: Bosses
Damage: 6 (Contact)

4 (Projectile)

Added in version: 1.8.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
Programmer(s): Luigi

Wily Machine 4 is one of the fortress bosses from Mega Man 4, originating in the third Wily stage, and is fought after defeating all 8 Robot Masters for a second time. It is introduced to Mega Man Maker in version 1.8.0.


Wily Machine 4 has two phases, during both of which it shoots purple energy projectiles while facing in a single direction. It's direction can be set via the editor. Upon starting the fight, Wily Machine 4 will slowly float down towards it's placed location in the editor, with it's health bar filling up after it does so.

During phase 1, Wily Machine 4 will float up and down, firing three projectiles at an angle. After firing the third projectile, it will take a break before firing three more projectiles. It can only be hit from the front in this phase; the rest of it is immune to projectiles. After depleting Wily Machine 4's health bar, the machine will reposition itself to be at it's editor starting location and it's health bar will refill, with the fight entering phase 2.

During phase 2, Wily Machine 4 will instead move left and right while continuously shooting projectiles. Depending on the distance Mega Man is relative to the machine, it will either shoot it's projectiles straight forwards or at an angle towards him. Wily Machine 4 is also less vulnerable during this phase, with it only being able to be harmed at the top-front of it.

After defeating phase 2, Wily Machine 4 will be destroyed, with Dr. Wily escaping it via a pod that rises upwards off the screen.

Video Tutorial

Wily Machine 4



  • It is possible to destroy Wily's pod at the end of the fight with Rain Flush, which will destroy both it and Wily as if it were a regular enemy. This is a trait carried over from Mega Man 4, though unlike that game the level victory animation will still play out as normal.

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