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Mm4 mummira.png
Artwork of a Mummira from Mega Man 4
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
HP: 6
Damage: 6 (contact) 2 (Head)
Weakness(es): Pharaoh Shot

Mummira is a mummy robot designed for exploring and protecting pyramids, possibly from tomb raiders. It is made of damaged scrapped parts held together with bandages, to make them cost efficient to mass produce. They are enemies that originate from Mega Man 4 that mostly appears in Pharaoh Man's stage, they also later reappear in Wily Stage 2.

When Mummira spawns, it will appear trough a secret transparent rotating door.

It will then unravel the bandages on its head and shoot a slow moving head that can move in one of six directions, horizontally straight left or right, 45 degrees diagonally upwards left or right, and 45 degrees diagonally downwards left or right. The head projectile cannot be destroyed by most weapons, but can be deflected using Shine or Proto Man's Shield.

After firing its head, Mummira will leave through the same transparent door it appeared from to hide briefly. While in this "hidden state", Mummira has neither a damage vulnerability hitbox, nor a contact damage hitbox.

The Mummira will eventually exit its "hidden state" and return through the transparent door, with a new head and head bandages, repeating the same attack pattern from the beginning.


  • Mummira's name is a hybrid of the english and japanese words for mummy, being "mummy" and "miira" respectively.
  • Mummira is referred to as the name "Mummy Mauler" in Nintendo Power magazine, though this name is not officially recognized as canon.
  • Ironically, in Mega Man 4, it takes 1 hit with the pharaoh shot to defeat it, regardless of charge state. This fact is also true for Mega Man Maker.
  • Originally, in Mega Man 4, Mummira heads where not effected by Flash Stopper, they however are effected by it in Mega Man Maker.
  • Originally, in Mega Man 4, Mummira heads where fired at 30 degree angles if fired diagonally, this was changed to 45 degree angles in Mega Man Maker.
  • Originally, in Mega Man 4, Mummira itself is only effected by Flash Stopper on its first frame leaving its "hidden state", but is always effected by Flash Stopper regardless of its current state in Mega Man Maker.
  • Originally, in Mega Man 4, Mummira becomes vulnerable to damage on the first frame the rotating door is visible on-screen, however it becomes vulnerable one frame before that in Mega Man Maker making it possible to damage it before the enemy is even visible on screen).
  • It is unknown where the head bandages go after Mummira removes them, or how it gets more heads and head bandages to replace the removed ones while it is hidden.