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1.3.2 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker focused on fixing glitches, especially glitches around Bass.

New Features

  • The tutorial now features more poses for Wily and Light.


  • Bass Buster is more accurate to how it was in Mega Man 10.

Fixed Bugs

  • Big Fish can be moved by Rush Jet.
  • If you slide into a Mega Man character capsule with sliding disabled, Mega Man will slide forever.
  • If you cancel Treble Boost, then dash, your controls may lock.
  • If you cancel Treble Boost, then grab a ladder, your controls may lock.
  • You can't pause the game while using Treble Boost.
  • Bass can occasionally clip inside walls by dashing over a one-block gap, directly into a wall.
  • Proto Coil and Treble can spawn in walls.
  • Weapon barriers don't have correct icons for Proto Buster, Proto Coil, Proto Jet, Bass Buster and Treble Boost.
  • Proto Man's shield cannot reflect projectiles while Proto Man is invulnerable.
  • Proto Man's shield can destroy Flame Pillars.
  • Enemies/gimmicks sometimes face the wrong direction when playing a level online or through the play menu (hopefully fixed for real this time).