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Official artwork of a Whopper from Mega Man 4
Game information
Description: Fires a burst of six rings, leaving its eyes vulnerable.
HP: 9
Damage: 8 (contact)
4 (ring projectile)
Added in version: 1.3.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Whopper is a large mini-boss robot enemy that consists of two large eyes and six large rings. It originates from Mega Man 4, specifically from Ring Man's stage and is featured in Mega Man Maker.

A Whopper will surround itself with its rings to protect itself, deflecting most weapons and being immune to some weapons that cannot be blocked. Every few seconds it will fire its six rings in different directions all at once. The directions the rings travel are up, down, and diagonally in all four directions. The rings will, at random, travel either a short distance or a long distance and then return to Whopper.

Whopper's rings can be deflected by Shine or Proto Man's shield.

In Mega Man Maker, Whopper is considered a Midboss, which means that with its presence on screen all Boss Doors are blocked and it is necessary to destroy Whopper before they can be opened.


The general strategy to defeating Whopper is attacking it from a distance while its rings are fired out. It will always stay where it is, so the player does not have to worry about it going after them. Whopper's attack zone varies, but the safe spots are the gaps where the rings would most likely not hit the player. Being far enough away from the ring's maximum range would also be enough. Whopper's eye hit box is, at minimum, a tile above the ground, so land based projectiles or traps will have no shot in hitting it. Attacks like Needle Cannon and Hard Knuckle won't be able to do continuous damage either.

While Whopper is immune to most attacks when it has all its rings, it is pretty vulnerable to certain weapons. One shot from Crash Bomber will destroy Whopper quickly. Hyper Bomb, Ballade Cracker, and Scramble Thunder can also easily penetrate Whopper's defenses. Jewel Satellite, Mirror Buster, and Shine will allow the player to get close and destroy Whopper just by the projectiles absorbed and reflected back at it. Shine can also pierce through Whopper's defense on its own.

Ice Slasher, Time Slow, and Flash Stopper will open up more opportunities for the player to hit Whopper. Rain Flush, Gravity Hold, and Tornado Blow are the safest options to defeating Whopper from anywhere. Laser Trident and Thunder Wool will be able to go through Whopper's ring projectiles. Oil Slider, Top Spin, Charge Kick, Pile Driver, and Power Adaptor can also be used to pierce its defenses. However, it would not be recommended to use melee weapons against Whopper, even if they could pierce its defenses, as that would risk the player getting hit.

There is not a whole lot of ways to safely bypass Whopper, as it's rings can reach out anywhere from any direction. If Whopper is not directly in the way of the player's path, the player can simply flee from it as fast as possible. Oil Slider and Charge Kick can go through its main body, allowing the player to quickly get to the other side. Using Ice Slasher or Flash Stopper as Whopper fires its rings can leave the player an opening to get through it. If the player tries to go over Whopper from the air, the player should try to create enough distance so that the rings will not reach the them. Trying to go over Whopper from the ground or close to it is riskier as that does not leave the player much opportunity and time to get out of Whopper's range.


  • As of version 1.7.5, Whopper is the only midboss enemy in Mega Man Maker that can be trapped in a Danger Wrap bubble once brought down to low enough health.

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