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Mm4 whopper.png
Artwork of Whopper from Mega Man 4.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 4
HP: 9 (Whopper)
Damage: 8 (Contact Whopper) 4 (Ring projectile)

Whopper is a large mini-boss robot that consists of two large eyes and six large rings. This enemy comes from Mega Man 4, specifically from Ring Man's stage and is featured in Mega Man Maker.

A Whopper will surround itself with its rings to protect itself, deflecting most weapons and being immune to some weapons that cannot be blocked. Every few seconds it will fire its six rings in different directions all at once. The directions the rings travel are up, down, and diagonally in all four directions. The rings will, at random, travel either a short distance or a long distance and then return to Whopper.

Whopper's rings can be deflected by Shine or Proto Man's shield.


  • Whopper is referred to as "Spring King" in the Nintendo Power magazine, but this name is not canon.
  • Whopper is currently the only mini-boss enemy in Mega Man Maker that can be trapped in a Danger Wrap bubble.