Oil Slider

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Oil Slider
Oil Slider.png
Fire an oil blob, and ride it, hitting anything in your path. Radical!
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man Powered Up
Damage: 2
4 (ride)

Oil Slider is Oil Man's signature weapon from the remake of Mega Man 1, Mega Man Powered Up. When used, the user will fire a small blob of oil in front of them that will drop to the floor and stick on it for a short time. If it hits a wall, it will stop and drop directly downward. It can then be stepped on to slide on like a surf board. While sliding, the user will keep moving forward across the ground until the player character touches a wall that blocks the direction the Oil Slider is moving. The user can also jump while still on the slider, however jumping again while in the air will remove the slider but allows for additional height in the form of a double jump. During the surf, pressing the cursor key that points out to the opposite direction to the player character is going will slow down the player character while it is pressed.

While on the Oil Slider the player character can damage and pass through several enemies as long as they do not generate a harmful explosion after being defeated. However, the player remains vulnerable to projectiles shot by them. Damage to the player character will stop the surfing. The most powerful way to use it is by surfing. For blocks destructible by the Oil Slider, the most devastating way to destroy them is by surfing on the oil platform.

The Oil Slider will float on top of water, causing an initial shot to float up to the surface if it ends up in water, and causing the user to ride on top of the water like solid ground so long as they stay on the oil slider. Due to its floating properties, Oil Slider can keep the player character over uneven water, although scaling the uneven water while going up will interrupt the Oil Slider ride.

The weapon was modified from its original use by Mega Man in that there can be three oil blobs at the same time, the damage was increased from 0.5 to 2, the character is invulnerable to contact damage, and the player character can jump out of the oil just like Oil Man. The difference is that jumping from an Oil Slider blob does not need pressing up and that the Oil Slider does not deprive enemies from their shields.


  • Oil Slider was the first weapon confirmed in an announcement about the next update since 1.0.0.
  • Oil Slider is one of two exclusive weapons from the game Mega Man Powered Up that didn't previously appear in the original Mega Man game. This because it comes from one of the two newly introduced Robots Masters, Oil Man. The other being Time Man's Time Slow.
  • In Mega Man Maker, the sliding and jumping sprites used to be the standing and jumping sprites, which can still be seen on the original Oil Slider announcement on the forum. The sprites were replaced with custom ones before release.
  • Sodacoma did the sprites for the blob, while E-Clare did Mega Man's sprites when riding the Oil Slider.


  • If an Oil Slider shot is fired and lands right in the center of a ladder block or specific entities, it will continuously repeat its landing animation instead of landing and will appear to be an endlessly jumping blob.