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Role: Wiki Moderator (formerly)
Also known as Justazag Z
Known for GigaBoots (artwork)
Discord: Justazag#5050
Website: Twitter

Justazag is a former moderator of the Mega Man Maker Official Wiki as well as a frequent Mega Man Maker player and long time contributor to the wiki. He applied during a call for moderators and was accepted as a trial Wiki moderator on July 14, 2019. He became a full Wiki moderator on August 19, 2019. He was let go on October 10, 2020 due to becoming inactive.

Outside of moderating and contributing to the Mega Man Maker Wiki, he has assisted GigaBoots with some artwork and he has his own gaming YouTube channel.


Before becoming a moderator, Justazag was an active contributor to the Mega Man Maker Wiki. He created many of the notable pages in the Weapons and Bosses section, fixed written articles and helped establish a format for articles. He also added imagery to the Wiki such as official art with transparent backgrounds and several edits based on official art that serve as substitutes for articles that lack any official art or suitable recreations made by other fans. For example, Justazag made modifications and recolors of Proto Man and Bass to portray them using weapons featured in Mega Man Maker that have no official art for the characters.

Edits Used in The Mega Man Maker Wiki