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Version 1.1.1 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker, released on October 28, 2017.



Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed some mistakes in object descriptions.
  • On certain devices, moving the screen can cause small gaps to appear in between tiles.
  • Clicking a recent item when in the pickups category sometimes crashes the game.
  • The game still links to the old domain's Captcha during account registration.
  • If you scroll down in the category menu, then switch to a different game with the arrow keys, the scroll isn't reset and the icons are displayed incorrectly
  • The position of the scroll bar is a few pixels off
  • Flame Pillar bases sometimes become non-solid, allowing you to clip through them
  • If you place a Hot Dog in the air and defeat it after it's fallen to the ground, it will teleport to its initial aerial position when defeated
  • Firing two Dive Missiles at a durable enemy at the same time kills it very quickly
  • Moving an object in the tutorial can crash the game
  • Animated tilesets are not frozen or slown down with Flash Stopper/Time Slow
  • Bosses will be hit twice when you fire two Oil Slider blobs in the same location
  • Oil Slider blobs can clip through walls underwater
  • Oil Slider blobs keep their momentum after colliding with a wall
  • Attempting to exit the tutorial while the category menu is open, then selecting no, prevents you from placing any objects
  • Breaking a weapon block with Charge Kick from the right is unreliable
  • Breaking a weapon block with Top Spin from the bottom is unreliable
  • Mechakkero stays in its grounded animation when jumping next to a wall
  • When placed in the air, Ice Man, Time Man, Spines and Crazy Razies can clip into walls
  • Blockies can crash the game at random