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Game information
Added in version: 1.0.0 (original level object)
1.5.0 (variants)
Series information
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms (physics and original level object)
Snoruntpyro (water variants)

Water is an object in Mega Man Maker that makes the player character jump higher and move slower in midair, and may do the same for other assets. When placed, it creates water tiles until the border of an unused screen or a solid tile. It was introduced as a level object with the Yamato Man blue skin in 1.0.0, but this object was left inaccessible in favor of having the water skins in a dedicated section of the tilesets category.

Water lowers the player's gravity, making a splash sound when the player enters it, as well as the gravity of most other assets touching it. Water, when placed, will cover any unoccupied tiles below it. However, water still goes through some solid assets other than tilesets. Some Level Objects (e.g. Conveyor Belt and Elec Beam), will stop water from covering any tiles below the object, but others like the Key Door let the water pass right through them. Using a jump extension Rush Coil, Proto Coil or Bass' Double Jump can make you reach tremendous heights if the player is submerged in a sufficient amount of water. If dragging something while in the Level Builder, all the water except for the top part will disappear as long as the moved object is still held and it reappears once the dragged item is placed down.

Certain enemies and bosses behave differently inside and outside water, such as Shrink, Gyoraibo, Gabgyo, Bubble Man and Splash Woman.


  • It is possible to make floating tiles of water by using Chill Blocks and immediately breaking them with something like a Fire Met> the result will be a single tile of water that is not connected to anything.