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A gap filled with water.

Water is an asset that appears in most Mega Man games.



Like the Star Crash, it lowers the player's gravity, as well as the gravity of all other things touching water, making a splash sound when the player touches it. The water, when placed, will cover any unoccupied tiles below it. However, the water still goes through some solid Assets other than Tilesets. Some Level Objects (e.g. Conveyor Belt and Elec Beam), will stop water from covering any tiles below the object, but others like the Key Door let the water pass right through them. Using a jump extension Rush Coil, Proto Coil or Bass' Double Jump can make you reach tremendous heights if you are submerged in a sufficient amount of water. If dragging something while in the Level Builder, all the water except for the top part will disappear. Don't worry, it reappears once you put down the dragged item.

Some certain enemies and bosses behave differently if inside or outside water, such as Shrink, Gyoraibo, Gabgyo, and Bubble Man.

Update History

Water, since 1.5.0, has variations cosmetic-wise but behavior will not change. Luigi1000 confirmed this on September 10th, 2018 as a heavy request from the community. To adjust to the multiple aspects of water, water is no longer listed among the level objects, but has its dedicated section in the tiles.

Water as a level object is still in the game files, but is no longer accessible in the creation menu.

List of Water Tiles

Name Description Special Attributes Version Added
IceWater.png Ice Water Ancient water that only keeps robots floating if they are on mode 2 or up. 1.5+
BubbleWater.gif Bubble Water A special water that is guaranteed to make a crab proud in later years. This water is animated. 1.5+
MM2Wily3Water.png MM2 Wily 3 Water This polluted water contains nutrients to make fish grow BIIIIIG. 1.5+
GeminiWater.gif Gemini Water Mysterious dark blue water, perfect for undersea ambushes. This water is animated. 1.5+
MM3Wily1Water.png MM3 Wily 1 Water This revolutionary water tile makes illegal mods obsolete. 1.5+
DiveWater.gif Dive Water Cowabunga, dude! This water is perfect for surfing, dudes! This water is animated. 1.5+
ToadWater.gif Toad Water Surprisingly clean sewer water. Known to make fish happier. This water is animated. 1.5+
MM4Wily1Water.png MM4 Wily 1 Water We are not responsible for any pollution caused to this water by Mets. 1.5+
WaveWater.gif Wave Water Not to be confused with 'Water Wave'. This water is animated. 1.5+
MM5Wily2Water.png MM5 Wily 2 Water Has been polluted due to constant dumping of E- and M-Tanks. 1.5+
BlizzardWater.png Blizzard Water A perfect expanse of sea to set a tragic love story upon. 1.5+
CentaurWater.gif Centaur Water Unfortunately, this Greek water lost its antigravity upon import. This water is animated. 1.5+
YamatoWater.png Yamato Water The original water type. Carried the sole torch of the water clan. 1.0+
YamatoWaterAlt.png Yamato Water Alt That's just ketchup, I swear. 1.5+
PlantWater.png Plant Water A brilliant shade of brown, taken straight from the Amazon Jungle. 1.5+
MM6Wily3Water.gif MM6 Wily 3 Water This water reeks of bad spike placement. Better be careful. This water is animated. 1.5+
SplashWater.gif Splash Water This animated sea has unfortunately lost its shining luster over time. This water is animated. 1.5+
MM9Wily2Water.png MM9 Wily 2 Water A simple water type that goes well with obnoxious level design. 1.5+


  • Prior to 1.5.0, the water was from Yamato Man's stage in Mega Man 6, and did not have any customization settings.
  • Due to engine limitations, two entities can not exist within the same space in the Level Builder. As a source water tile is considered an entity, no other entity can occupy the same space as a water source tile. This makes it impossible to put some entities under some caved ceilings when underwater, or place entities along the water's surface with uncovered water.
  • Back when water was listed as a level object, it flavor text said: "Lowers your gravity. Automatically makes all tiles underneath it water, too".


  • Sometimes, even when not dragging some things, the water can disappear.
  • If you put water and tiles in a vertical checker pattern, then put a Character under it, the water will go "SPLISHSSHSHSHSHSHSHSHS" as you teleport in after starting the game.