Command Selection

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Command Selection
Artwork by Foseker
Game information
Description: The best weapon is every weapon. Includes two special spells.
Category: Weapons
Series information
Game of origin: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms
Spriter(s): WreckingPrograms(menu and icon)
FakeVirus (arrow and player sprites)
Sound effect creator(s): Saphy

Command Selection is a special weapon in Mega Man Maker inspired from Hero's abilities in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This weapon allows the playable character to use one of four randomly selected weapons including special items and utilities. Activating it requires one energy point, while using the weapons generally takes one point unless the selected weapons constantly deplete.

In addition to the weapons, there are two exclusive techniques: Kamikazee and Heal. Kamikazee kills enemies and bosses on screen with the price of leaving the playable character with 1 HP, while Heal gives the playable character 4 HP.

Chargeable weapons used through Command Selection generally cannot be charged when they are used with this weapon. However, when Atomic Fire is used through the Command Selection, it can be charged the same way it is otherwise used and it takes the same energy costs.

Initially, the weapon selected through Command Selection would be instantly used right after the player selected it. However, the weapon was modified during the development of 1.7.0 to allow players to use the weapon options after activating them in the selection menu rather than using the weapon selected instantly. The playable character also acquires the color palette of the original weapon until they are done using the weapon. However, Kamikazee and Heal are still instantly activated upon selection.

Some weapons cannot be accessed through Command Selection, like the three Mega Man adaptors (Jet Adaptor, Power Adaptor and Super Adaptor), or Super Arm.


Command Selection


  • Command Selection is the third weapon inspired from the Super Smash Bros series to be announced for Mega Man Maker and the first since the game's initial release.
  • The weapon's color palette is based off of the Hero character from Dragon Quest 11.
  • Kamikazee is intentionally misspelled due to how it is spelled in the Dragon Quest series.
  • The announcement trailer showed Bubble Lead and Triple Blade in a short frame as possible weapons, which was eventually revealed to be a hint that were to be implemented for 1.7.0.
  • It's possible to stack shields using Command Selection, since there is no onscreen limit applied to other weapons summoned by this weapon.
  • Using Roll now that there is Tango Jump and Tango Attack since 1.8.0, it is possible to have two kitties at the same time.

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