Salt Water

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Salt Water
Salt Water
Game information
Description: A water ball which splits into 3 droplets. Has unique behavior in water.
Category: Weapons
Damage: 2 (ball), 2 (droplet)
Added in version: 1.8.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man V
Programmer(s): ?
Spriter(s): ?

"Salt Water" is a weapon originating in the Gameboy game "Mega Man V." It was the signature weapon of the Stardroid "Neptune." It was added in Mega Man Maker version 1.8.0.

Salt Water when initially fired produces a circular water projectile that travels in an upward arc that gradually falls. Salt Water projectiles cannot travel through surfaces. If the main water projectile strikes a surface instead of an enemy, it will split into three smaller droplets that will scatter out and downwards in different directions. Salt Water's firing trajectory can be altered by pushing up or down on the player direction controls; pressing down will cause Salt Water's arc to drop sooner, while pressing up will cause it's arc to climb higher.

When fired underwater the projectile physics are altered increasing the rising arc of the main projectile. The three water droplets will gradually lift from the main projectile as it travels underwater. If the main projectile splits underwater any remaining droplets of the three will scatter in a larger arc.

Being water based Salt Water can douse Flame Pillars, extinguish Oil fires, dilute Chemical Solution and temporarily disable Napalm Fire.


Salt Water


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