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Time Stopper
Time Stopper Concept Art.png
Time Stopper's concept art in Mega Man 2
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 2

Time Stopper is Flash Man's signature weapon from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge and is confirmed to be added in version 1.7.0 of Mega Man Maker. When activated, Time Stopper instantly stops time, pausing the movement of almost all level objects and enemies both on-screen and off-screen while the player is still able to move. It is nearly identical to the weapon Flash Stopper from Mega Man 4.

In Mega Man Maker


When activated, Time Stopper creates flash particles across the screen that indicate that time has been stopped. It has no offensive capabilities and mainly serves as a means to bypass obstacles or evade specific hazards. The time stop effect stays active as long as the user has enough weapon energy to sustain it. The player can activate Time Stopper midair and on land. The weapon quickly deplenishes, just like it did in its source material, and once its weapon energy runs out, time immediately resumes.

The player can also manually turn off Time Stopper by pressing the shoot button and switch weapons during its usage, a change made for Mega Man Maker. In its original appearances, Time Stopper could not be turned off once it was activated and the player would be forced to use up all of its weapon energy to switch weapons or interact with objects and could not open the pause menu.

How the Time Stopper affects a boss depends on whether it is set as a boss' primary or secondary weakness or immunity in the boss options menu: if Time Stopper is set as a boss' primary weakness, they are frozen in place and their health is slowly drained; if set as a secondary weakness, they are simply frozen in place; if set as an immunity, Time Stopper does not affect them at all.[1]

Similarly to the Flash Stopper, the Time Stopper can make Level Objects not react if the playable character stands on them. For example, Sheep Blocks and Sheep Spikes do not vanish, even if the player steps off of them as long as the player is no longer over them when the weapon is deactivated.


  • Functionally, Time Stopper is very similar to the Flash Stopper weapon from Mega Man 4, with them both freezing time for enemies and assets until the effect ends. However, the two weapons differentiate as follows:
    • Flash Stopper freezes time in short bursts when activated and uses a set amount of weapon energy each time it is used, regardless of if the user ends the effect early by switching weapons. Time Stopper on the other hand uses up weapon energy as it is used, and in Mega Man Maker, can be stopped at any time with no extra cost.
    • Flash Stopper also allows the user to fire buster shots like that of an uncharged Mega Buster while time is frozen to damage enemies. However, Time Stopper lacks any way to damage enemies with the exception of damaging a boss with its primary weakness set as Time Stopper.
  • In the game Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, the effects of Time Stopper would instantly disable any time the player crossed a hard screen transition, allowing the player to save ammo if they traversed an area fast enough. This functionality may have not been used in Mega Man Maker due to possibly both keeping the weapon's functionality closer to its Mega Man 2 counterpart, as well as being made redundant due to the new feature of being able to enable and disable Time Stopper's effects at any time in Mega Man Maker.
  • Instead of using the color palette Mega Man has when Time Stopper is equipped in Mega Man 2, the player's color palette when the weapon is equipped in Mega Man Maker is more akin to Time Stopper's concept art from Mega Man 2 which shows Mega Man's soft armor as white instead of a lighter purple. It is visually identical to Flash Stopper's color palette in Mega Man 4.
  • According to developer Luigi, the weapon icon for Time Stopper was taken from the Megamix Engine "due to lack of good ideas [from Mega Man Maker's development team]".[2]


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