Bubble Man

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Bubble Man
Bubble Man.png
Artwork of Bubble Man from Mega Man 2
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 2
HP: 28
Damage: 4(contact)

4(Bubble Lead)

DWN-011 Bubble Man is one of the main bosses from Mega Man 2 that is featured in Mega Man Maker after being added in the 1.2 update. He fights by jumping underwater armed with his cannon and signature weapon, the Bubble Lead.

Built by Dr. Wily to have supremacy in aquatic combat, his Bubble Lead is quite a danger to those who face him in his element. Due to an oversight by Wily however, he is reduced to being nearly helpless if dragged onto land where he will be unable to move. He fought against Mega Man in his underwater den full of spikes in Mega Man 2 and would later face him again in Mega Man 3 after having his combat data transferred into a Doc Robot body.


An example of Bubble Man fighting normally in water.

Bubble Man's AI is unique in that he has two possible attack patterns, depending on whether or not he is in water. In water he behaves exactly like he did in Mega Man 2, swimming towards the player while firing Bubble Leads and spurts of water. On land, he comically falls over and will then begin to cry. He will not move in this state, but he will still fire Bubble Leads at the player.

Bubble Man's Bubble Lead behaves differently depending if Bubble Man is inside or outside of water when he uses it. When fired in water, Bubble Lead will bounce along the floor, they will continue bouncing along the floor but at a lower maximum height if these bouncing Bubble Leads leave water. When Bubble Man is on land when Bubble Lead is fired, they fall to the ground and travel along it, they will not start bouncing if they enter water while they are traveling along the floor.


An example of Bubble Man crying due to him not being in the water.
  • The way Bubble Man's Bubble Lead behaves when Bubble Man is outside water, is similar to how Mega Man used the move in Mega Man 2.
  • If he jumps in and out of water in quick succession, it may lead to him spamming the Bubble Lead more than he could otherwise.
  • The way that Bubble Man will cry while stuck on land is possibly a reference to Aqua Man.exe a net navi from the Mega Man Battle Network series based on Aqua Man from Mega Man 8.