Spring Man

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Spring Man
Official artwork of Spring Man from Mega Man 7
Game information
Description: Bounces around, shoots spiky springs and fires spring fists. Likes electricity.
Category: Boss
HP: 28
Damage: 6 (Contact)

3 (Punch) 2 (Wild Coil)

Added in version: 1.4.0
Series information
Game of origin: Mega Man 7
Programmer(s): Luigi
Spriter(s): Gaem
Aze (magnetized effect)
Sound effect creator(s): CosmicGem

DWN-053 Spring Man, is a Robot Master built by Dr. Wily that consists of over 2000 springs. He is one of the 8 Robot Masters in Mega Man 7 featured in Mega Man Maker as of its version 1.4.0 update. Spring Man utilizes his light weight and springy body to jump high into the air. He can use springs in his arms to extend his limbs to punch foes from far away, and utilizes his signature weapon, the Wild Coil to throw bouncing springs at his enemies.


Spring Man's body consists of mostly silver and orange coloured springs, and minimal armor mostly in bright warm colours such as red, pink, orange, and yellow. His body also has some lights and decorations in the colours blue and green. He has a buster on his right arm.


Spring Man will usually jump around the room with high hops only stopping to perform one of two attacks. One attack he will occasionally do is jump extra high and stay at the top of the room, where he he will then spin around briefly and then throw out two long-ranged punches one after the other at the player. The punches will stretch all the way to the player character's current location no matter how far away, even if they are multiple screens apart from each other. Once the 2nd punch returns to Spring Man he will drop back down and resume jumping. The other attack Spring Man will perform will have him stand still and then point one of his arms at the ground before firing out a Wild Coil in both directions. He will then resume jumping as the two Wild Coils bounce around the room until they are destroyed, acting similar to the balls of yarn created by Tama but only having 2 hp.

Starting Pattern

Spring Man's starting pattern consists of doing one jump towards the player, and then a second jump to attempt to reach the center of the screen on the x-axis, and will then stop and float in the air. When he is in the air, he rotates his arms, and launch his extendable right arm at the player, rotate his arms again, and launch his extendable right arm at the player again, then land on the ground. The time of each Spring Man's punch is slower than in Mega Man 7. After falling to the ground, he will then fire two Wild Coils out of his left arm buster at his feet, with one bouncing to the left and the other bouncing to the right.

Upon finishing the "Starting Pattern", Spring Man will then transition into using his main pattern.

Main Pattern

This consists of doing three jumps towards the player, one away from the player, and then a final jump to attempt to reach the center of the screen on the x-axis.

Spring Man then repeats the movement of jumping to the center, launch two extendable punches and falling. When he is in the floor again, he will then only fire two Wild Coils if all previously fired Wild Coils are either destroyed or despawned. If at least one Wild Coil remains active, he will skip this attack altogether.

Upon finishing the "Main Pattern", Spring Man will then repeat the "Main Pattern" from the beginning.

Other Information

If Spring Man fails to reach the center coordinate on the x-axis on the specific jump he is supposed to, he will keep doing jumps towards the center coordinate on the x-axis until he reaches it. If he does 15 jumps and still fails to reach the center x coordinate, he gives up and moves on to his next behavior anyways. This quirk is most noticeable in boss rooms with low ceilings.

The Wild Coils can be trapped inside Danger Wrap's bubble. This can be used against Spring Man or an enemy in the zone. This was not possible in Mega Man 7, where Danger Wrap just destroyed the coils. Due to possible problems with ceilingless rooms and lack of time to restructure the attack, Spring Man's technique of grabbing the player and slamming him into the ceiling was omitted.

Like in Mega Man 7, Spring Man can be magnetized by anything electric. Weapons consisiting on electrical charges like Thunder Beam will do it, so long as they are not his primary or secondary weakness. Enemies or bosses with electrical attacks also magnetize him. In this phase, Spring Man will stand still and become invincible for a short amount of time and strongly pull the player towards him to damage him before resuming the fight. Thunder Claw is one of the few weapons that can pierce Spring Man's magnetic field, which is ironic considering it can induce it.

Magnetized spring man can also compound the speed of the pull if more spring men are all magnetized together. This is called Spring Man Tech and is often used as a level type in Mega Man Maker.

Spring Man's fists can destroy Ice Blocks completely regardless of their status.

Video Tutorial

Spring Man


  • In Mega Man Maker Spring Man's "Spring Punch" has unlimited range, and can hit the player 49 or more screens away, with the right setups.
  • Spring Man has been nicknamed "Supuringuman" in the Mega Man Maker Forums as an intentional misspelling.
  • Metal Man and Spring Man are the only Mega Man Maker bosses that can jump backwards (ignoring the fact that bosses turn around if the player goes past them).


  • Wild Coils can occasionally get stuck to walls, possibly caused by some kind of clipping issue.
  • Spring Man will occasionally clip through solid tiles when in tight spaces.
  • If Spring Man is weak to Time Slow and is attacked with that weapon while magnetized, the magnet's force will not slow down.
  • The game crashes if Thunder Wool is used on him and it is set as a secondary weakness.

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