Spring Man Tech

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A Spring Man Tech setup with 4 Spring men

Spring Man Tech is a level type in Mega Man Maker where the level is a long flat connected segment with at least one Spring Man pulling you with it's electro magnetic attack. Spring Man is unique in that his Electro Magnetic attack that pulls you closer will compound with the more Spring Men you have in an electrocuted state.

Spring Man Tech levels are often associated with Kaizo because of their difficulty however the level type is greatly different than kaizo; kaizo levels are often about tight maneuvers and weapon knowledge where Spring Man Tech are about speed and reflexes.


The setup for a Spring Man Tech is to start the level with 1 or more spring men starting on an electric surface. Mega Man would then go into a teleporter which would lead the player a different screen on the same X axis as the bosses although far away. So long as all the screens are connected with no hard transitions, the spring man setup will work consistently to pull Mega Man the entirety of the level.


- The first Spring Man level is currently Unknown.
- Once you have more than 6 spring men you can no longer see Mega Man on screen. Although you cannot see Mega Man, levels still exist with using sound cues from a Key, Yaishichi or other items.