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The Yashichi, or "Pinwheel" as it is sometimes called.
Category: Pickups
Game of origin: Mega Man

The Yashichi is a pinwheel emblem found in many Capcom video games. It first appeared in the Mega Man series in Wily Castle stage 4 in Mega Man as a pickup that restores all of the player's health and weapon energy and has been in Mega Man Maker since version 1.0.0.

The pickup is a special energy producing turbine that harnesses wind power. Through, this energy source the player character will fully refill their health and weapon energy for all their equipped weapons upon picking it up, similar to an M-Tank but used instantaneously rather than being held in the player character's inventory for later use or stopping the gameplay until the health or weapon bar points are given.


  • The Yashichi has been featured in multiple Mega Man classic series games since Mega Man:[1]
    • In Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, the Yashichi appears as one of Cut Man's attacks.[2]
    • In Mega Man Battle & Chase, the Yashichi grants the player temporary invincibility and full speed.
    • In Mega Man 8, the Yashichi has a random chance of spawning as pickup via the use of Rush Question.
    • In Mega Man Powered Up, the Yashichi appears on the Easy difficulty setting and is an item in the Level Editor.
    • In Mega Man 10, the Yashichi appears on the Easy mode difficulty setting.
    • In Mega Man 11, the Yashichi appears in the final Dr. Wily Gear Fortress stage on the Superhero difficulty setting.
  • The Yashichi is the only Health and Weapon Energy pickup In Mega Man Maker that does not freeze the screen as the health and energy bar fills, instead instantly resetting all bars back to full energy with no animation.
  • The Yashichi uses a unique sound effect exclusive to it when picked up in Mega Man Maker. This sound effect is the original sound heard when collecting any item in the original Mega Man.
  • Although explained to be a type of underutilized Air Turbine in continuity, the Yashichi is a reference to other games made by Capcom, specifically the game first made by them called 1984 where it appeared as a flying enemy. It has since reappeared several times in many other game series as a reference including Mega Man.


  • Because the Yashichi refills health instantaneously, it is possible to exploit it to bypass being crushed when the Player Character is forced into a wall allowing them to survive and walk around within or zip around the wall.