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Luigi's icon
Role: Programmer
Also known as Luigi1000
Gender: Male
Lives in Canada
Discord: Luigi#9272
Website: Twitter

Luigi, also known as Luigi1000, is the secondary major programmer of Mega Man Maker. He joined the team during the development of 1.4.0 to make updates come quicker.

He was hired from five applicants to the role. When he heard about the applications for a second programmer, he applied instantly by using his knowledge of multiple programming languages and his prior experiences with the Mega Engine.

He was the programmer of the multiple bosses for 1.5.0, which he considers the hardest feature he has programmed so far.


Content Update Added
ShadowBladeIcon.png Shadow Blade 1.4
SprCatEnemiesIcons 108.png Bubukan 1.4
SpringIcon.png Spring Man 1.4
PushblockIcon.png Push Block (Initial design) 1.4
FanUpsideDown.png Fan (option to make them face down) 1.4
VerticalForceBeam.png Force Beams (option to make them vertical) 1.4
SprCatPickupsIcons 12.png Yashichi 1.4
SprCatPickupsIcons 11.png Weapon Remover 1.4
Caricarry.png Caricarry (finishing touches to officialize it) 1.5
Greendevil.png Petit Devil (finishing touches to officialize it) 1.5
SprCatBossesIcons 15.png Multiple Bosses/Boss Overhaul 1.5
BossSuppressorIcon.png Boss suppressor 1.5
BombomboyIcon.png Bombomboy 1.5
LaserTridentIcon.PNG Laser Trident 1.5
DrLightPlate.png Dr. Light/Right Plates 1.5
LevelTimer.png Level Timer 1.5
DropShadow.png Shadows 1.5
KakinbatankIcon.png Kakinbatank 1.5
MagmaBazookaIcon.png Magma Bazooka 1.5
Jewelsatellite.png Jewel Satellite 1.5
T Blow Icon.PNG Tornado Blow 1.5
MBGIcon.png Magma Beam Generator 1.5
KaonaGeenoIcon.png Kaona Geeno 1.6
WaterShieldIcon.png Water Shield 1.6
WheelCutterIcon.png Wheel Cutter 1.6
ElectroGuardIcon.png Electro Guard 1.6
ElectririIcon.png Electriri 1.6
ElectririSpawnerIcon.png Electriri Spawner (Block) 1.6
ElectririSpawnerEdgeIcon.png Electriri Spawner (Edge) 1.6
HorizontalWeaponBarrierIcon.png 2X1 Horizontal Weapon Barrier 1.6
PipettoIcon.png Pipetto 1.6
HorizontalKeyDoorIcon.png Horizontal Key Door 1.6
ChemicalSolutionIcon.png Chemical Solution 1.6
MashBurnerIcon.png Mash Burner 1.6
ConveyorSwitchOptionIcon.png Metal Man Conveyor Switch Option 1.6
BounceBallIcon.png Bounce Ball 1.6
ScrambleThunderIcon.png Scramble Thunder 1.6
MirrorBusterIcon.png Mirror Buster 1.6
ScrewCrusherIcon.png Screw Crusher 1.6
BalladeCrackerIcon.png Ballade Cracker 1.6
CrunchDonIcon.png Crunch Don 1.6
BlastManIcon.png Blast Man 1.6
BounceManIcon.png Bounce Man 1.6
MovingElevatorVerticalStopIcon.png Moving Elevator Vertical Stop 1.6